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When you’ve read a book,
what do you do with it?
( Keep it, give it away, donate it,
sell it, swap it..? )

Well, first of all, I consider books to be sacred treasures, which is why, incidentally, I will never own a Kindle!  Or a Nook, for that matter.  Or any other ereader.  A book is more than just words and sentences, whether printed or digital.  A book is a valuable object in itself.  It's a work of art.  It's incredibly precious!  Even the lowliest paperback has that distinction for me!  Therefore, I do not treat books lightly. 

If I love a book's plot and characters, I will definitely keep it, even if I never read it again.  (I always plan to do just that, of course, but life usually gets in the way....)  The book has joined my group of accumulated sacred treasures!  If I totally dislike a book, I have no problem getting rid of it, though.  I will usually donate it to the public library, or give it away to whoever I think might get something out of it.

As for swapping books -- that's not for me at all.  I don't like reading books that have been handled by others.  Maybe it's because they leave their "vibes" on the book.  Maybe it's because they haven't treated the book with the proper reverence.  There are people who fold a page over to mark their place in a book.  I cringe when I see that.... Then there are those who turn the front cover of a paperback over, as if the paperback were a magazine.  The result is that the book's spine not only gets creased, but also tilted.  No, no, no!!  I can't stand seeing that!! 

Another reason I dislike the idea of swapping books is because, if I really like a book, I feel a very strong bond with it.  Thus, I just can't bear to let it go!  It has become part of me.  I would have to tear a chunk of me off, if I were to swap it with someone else.

So it's either keep it or get rid of it for me!  And, if I decide to keep a book, I give it a lot of TLC!  I laminate paperbacks, for example.  Yes, I buy rolls of clear plastic on Amazon, and cover my paperbacks with it.  First I write my full name, as well as the year I bought the book, on the inside front cover.  Then I proceed with the plastic.   With hardcovers, I will laminate the dust jacket, and either write my name and year of purchase inside the front cover, or paste a book plate on the very first page, with the same information.

Last but most definitely not least, I never, ever lend my books to anyone.  That's bibliophile's heresy for me! 

What do you all like
to do with
the books you've read?


  1. lmbo. i have not even mention that i cover mine, shhhh. i also put my full name and year on inside flap. if gift, i note that and who.

  2. Hi, Sidne!

    Oh, you're so funny! I see you're as obsessed as I am!! Lol. I'm sure we're not the only 'closet book fanatics' out there!

    Thanks for commenting!! : )

  3. I like to keep all the books I buy. I have a hard time deciding which ones to part with so, I keep them all!

    My Follow Friday!

  4. I do have a Kindle because at the time I thought it was just more convenient, but I've been having more problems with it than I would with physical books, which made me realize that I will NEVER give those up. I love having them sit on my shelves. Who cares if they take up space! I'd rather they take up space than anything else I own. :P

  5. I cry every time my husband leaves my office door unlocked, and my children get in my bookcase. They usually end up ripping a cover, or damaging a book. My husband does not understand why it upsets me so much, when one of my books is ruined. Thanks for stopping by, Following back

  6. Hi, Tia!

    Yes, that's pretty much my situation, too! I have to actually HATE a book in order to be able to give it away. If I don't, then I won't even lend it to anyone. Heck, I haven't lent out any of my books since high school, when I made the mistake of lending a classmate my paperback copy of "Jane Eyre". When I got the book back, it was so battered!! I should have confronted her about it, but...I've never been very good at confrontations. I swore, then and there, NEVER to lend a book out, ESPECIALLY if I LOVED it!! I don't care if people accuse me of being 'selfish', either. Lol.

    So, I'm a die-hard member of The Book Hoarder's Club!! Hee, hee!!

    Thanks for commenting!! : )

  7. Hi, Chey!

    YAY!!!! I agree with you wholeheartedly!! I HATE the Kindle!!!! I LOVE real, physical books!!!! But you know, I hadn't even ocnsidered that the Kindle could have problems. I hate it because to me, there's nothing like holding a physical book in my hands, and turning pages instead of scrolling them. But now that you mention it...yeah, I'm sure the Kindle will have some glitches, since it IS a machine, after all. No such problem with REAL books!!! And I, too, say let them take up all the space they want! Who cares?

    Thanks so much for the comment!! : )

  8. Unabridged Bookshelf:

    Oh, your husband will NEVER understand, because he's not an obsessed bookworm. Mine isn't either, unfortunately, so he doesn't understand why I get upset when one of my books falls to the floor. Or why I practically froth at the mouth when I receive a paperback from Amazon, listed as "like new", and it turns out to have a heavily-creased, tilted spine!! He also doesn't understand why I laminate my books...or why the living room couch is piled high with these lovely objects, and no one can sit on it...

    We are OBSESSED BOOKWORMS. And we LOVE being such!!!! So we hoard books, cry when they get hurt (they're our babies, after all!), and pull out hair when we lose an eBay auction for a coveted book!! Our non-bookworm husbands (and the same is true for non-bookworm wives, for you male bookworms out there) just will NEVER get it!

    Thanks for the comment, as well as for following back!! : )


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