Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twilight-Inspired Book Covers for Classics? Why not?

There is a series of five classics -- four novels and one play --
with covers that were supposedly inspired
by those of The Twilight Saga.
They have been produced by Harper Teen,
and are meant to attract young adults to
the perennial classics of English Literature.

Some people are not very happy about these covers.
They somehow consider it insulting
that time-honored classics should have to be promoted
under the Twilight banner.

I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about.
These covers are absolutely

So here they are -- "The Twilight Classics"!

These covers are quite beautiful!!  
I can't say it enough!
The colors are indeed similar to those in 
The Twilight Saga's four volumes,
except for the rather obvious fact that 
the color green is not much in evidence
on the Twilight covers. 
If the same artist designed these,
as well as the Twilight ones, 
then it stands to reason that there would be 
some similarity of style.  
Well, there's nothing wrong with that!

If the publishers wanted a "similar look"
when they commissioned the covers for the classic novels, 
with the purpose of attracting a teen audience, 
I for one think this is a wonderful idea!
After all, these five books are love stories,
with the sole exception of Wuthering Heights,
which is really a tale of misplaced revenge. 
(The only thing I love about this book is the cover...)
Does putting such covers on these classics
mean that Twilight is on an equal literary footing with them?
Well, that's a loaded question...
If one looks at the writing style in which the listed classics were written,
and compare them with Twilight, 
obviously not.
However, if one looks at the dynamics of the plots
of these books, and the Twilight books,
one can't help but notice that the characters and events 
in all of them evoke some very, very similar
emotions.  They all touch the heart.  They all provide
that powerful catharsis present in all 
great literature, the grand drama that stirs the 
emotions, thus changing the reader forever.
These books all possess that elusive quality
that makes them timeless.
Is The Twilight Saga already a timeless classic?
Without a doubt.

So I am very pleased and happy that these five classic
novels have been designed in this style.
Whether or not it's similar to that
of the Twilight books, it's still quite fitting.
Love, after all, has always been linked to the color red,
especially in such flowers as roses or tulips.

Of course, I am collecting them all, not only
for the covers, but for what is contained
within each book.

The only one I'm missing at this point is
Sense and Sensibility,
but it won't be for long... it's in my Amazon 
Wish List, waiting for me to bring it home! 


  1. Where can I buy these editions at?

  2. Hi, Mooni!

    I'm sure you can get them on either Amazon or eBay. Just do a search that includes a book title along with the words "Harper Teen".

    Hope you find them all! Thanks for commenting! ๐Ÿค“

  3. P.S. Actually, I just tried following my own suggestion, and couldn't find any of these books, either on Amazon or eBay...... Then I did a Google search with the words "Harper Teen classic editions", and found some links. There's one book, "Emma", by Jane Austen, on Amazon. "Wuthering Heights", by Emily Brontรซ, and "Pride and Prejudice", by Jane Austen, are on Abebooks. I would have to keep searching for the others.

    I will post the links here when I get up later. Going to bed now.๐Ÿ˜ด๐ŸŒ”


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