Friday, April 8, 2011

Reading Teen's Fabulous New Giveaway!!

One of my favorite blogs has a great giveaway,
 which ends on May 1, 2011!!
It's part of their ongoing "Reading Clean Spotlight",
which highlights YA books that contain
no profanity or sex --
something that's not exactly easy
to find these days!

Heather Dixon

The story sure sounds like a thoroughly enchanting one, too!
It's based on an old Brothers Grimm tale,
but is given its own unique spin by the author.

The protagonist, Azalea, not only has a lovely name,
but eleven sisters, all with equally lovely names.
They are all princesses, all trapped in a rather lonely existence...
Until they meet The Keeper.
They dance in his forest at night, at his invitation.
He, after all, is also trapped -- within the confines of his castle...
And, true to his name, he likes to keep things...

For the wonderful review, written by Reading Teen's Amy,
just click HERE.

I'd sure love to win this book! Not only
does it have an engaging plot,
but an utterly gorgeous cover, as well!!

You can enter the giveaway


(Including me -- I've already entered the giveaway!)

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