Friday, April 22, 2011

Another GREAT Giveaway at "Legacy of a Writer"!!

Bound by Guilt
C.J. Darlington

I was doing some blog browsing a while ago,
and came across another terrific giveaway
at Legacy of a Writer!

The cover, of course, was what first attracted my attention.
I just love beautiful book covers!
The plot sounds so very touching, too.
It's the story of an unwanted teen who gets shuffled around,
from foster home to foster home,
only to finally end up traveling the country
in an RV, forced to steal books
by the family she has been placed with.
Now there's an interesting twist!
I also like the wordplay in the novel's title.
Some time after living the life of a book thief,
Roxy, the protagonist, meets
Abby Dawson, a divorced cop whose ex-husband
has won custody of their only daughter.
Abby is fighting hard to be able to see her.
Here are two suffering people, brought together
by rather unusual circumstances,
both dealing with guilt and forgiveness.
What a compelling story!
Wel, I am definitely entering this giveaway!

For Katy's wonderful interview of author C.J. Darlington,
as well as the giveaway entry page,
click HERE.  

For the book's Amazon page, which contains
several five-star reviews,
click HERE.

For more information on the author herself,
who was the winner of the
2008 Operation First Novel contest,
sponsored by the
Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild,
just go to her website, at



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