Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daughter of Xanadu: Author Interview/Giveaway at "A Myriad of Books"

Daughter of Xanadu
Dori Jones Yang

Published by Delacorte Books for Young Readers
January 11, 2011
352 pages, Young Adult

This novel sounds like an utterly fascinating YA read!  I also think that the cover is very beautiful!

Princess Emmajin is determined to become a warrior in her grandfather's army, and he is none other than the fearsome Kublai Khan...  Enter the great explorer, Marco Polo, to whom she becomes fiercely attracted as they travel across 13th-century China, encountering incredible adventures.  Thus she feels the tension experienced by every modern woman -- that between love and the call to a meaningful life mission.

The love story also offers what promises to be a totally enthralling exposition and contrast of two very different cultures.  According to Kat's review, Ms. Jones Yang has thoroughly researched the time period, with the result that one is totally immersed in it.  As everyone knows, there's nothing quite like getting lost in a good book!

The author has actually traveled to China, and visited the site where the Palace of Xanadu once stood.  Read the interview with Kat of A Myriad of Books, check out her review, and enter the giveaway!!   I, for one, am doing all three!  

And, last but definitely not least, Ms. Jones Yang has hinted that there just might be a sequel.... 


  1. Wow!
    That cover is simply amazing. I don't usually read Historical Romance, but I'll really go for this one (You know me- judging a book by its pretty cover :) ) But also the Marco Polo idea is really cool! Cant wait to get this one!

  2. I would love to win this book. I amvery interested in everything Chinese, even my husband is Chinese!


  3. Hi, Ani! Yes, I want to get this book, too! And like you, I tend to judge a book by its cover...however, if I start reading a book with a beautiful cover, and it doesn't get me hooked, I can easily move on to a better book.

    I love the Marco Polo idea, too!

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting! : )

  4. Hey there, Carol! How interesting that you love everything Chinese! It is, indeed, a fascinating culture! And you have the blending of two cultures in your marriage, too. That's wonderful!

    I hope you entered the giveaway. Tonight's the last night!

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Come by anytime!! : )

  5. Thanks so much, Maria, for featuring Daughter of Xanadu and my giveaway in this awesome post! I love your insight about the blending of two cultures and Emmajin's dilemma. The good news is the giveaway is actually open until February 10th-- I wanted to give people plenty of time to enter. Have a great week! :)

  6. Hey, Kat! You're very welcome! And thanks for the compliment!

    It's so nice of you to have the giveaway open until February 10th. That will give more people a chance at winning the book, which is only fair.

    You have a great week, too! Thanks for visiting and leaving such nice comments!


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