Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beautiful Book Covers: Passion's Blood

Passion's Blood
(Love Spectrum Romance)
Cherif Fortin & Lynn Sanders

Published by Medallion Press
December 1, 2008
81 pages, novella/art book

I was browsing the Internet tonight, looking for the most beautiful book covers I could possibly
find, and came across this gem of a book!
It's a fantasy romance novella, a collaboration between
two writers who are also artists and photographers.

The plot concerns a princess, Lady Leanna, 
renowned for her flaming red hair, and the two brothers who love her. 
Love triangles are, of course, a cliche of romance fiction;
however, this novella adds the element of magic to the plot.
Leanna is betrothed to Prince Emric, whom she loves, 
although she is not happy about the fact that this is an arranged match.
Emric's brother, Prince Bran, wants the lovely princess
for himself, and attempts to seize his opportunity
when Emric goes off to war.
Leanna must strive to keep her betrothed alive 
through her love and the use of her magic powers.
If this plot sounds a bit too flimsy to work,
I still say that this exquisite book is worth buying, 
if only for the absolutely enchanting illustrations!  Of course, I definitely approve
of their choice of male model for the paintings...

The cover pictured above is from the second edition.  The cover of
first edition is pretty nice, but this one is absolutely stunning!!

Here is one of the gorgeous illustrations to be found inside the book,
which only has 81 pages. 
The text of the novella is printed in small print, so
the story is longer than one would think,.
The emphasis, quite obviously, is placed on the stunning
illustrations.   These are the lovers,
Prince Emric and Lady Leanna.

Here are the portraits of Emric and Leanna.

I know that I  must own this book!  It's just a matter of time, and not
too much of it, at that!

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