Monday, January 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn movie still!!!!! Oh...oh....OH!!!!

Oh....oh....oh!!!!!  I just HAD to post this!!  I found it on one of my favorites sites, Robsten Love Blog!!!  This is a photo still from the upcoming movie "Breaking Dawn: Part I", which is set to be released in November of this year. 

This is the part in which Edward and Bella are on their honeymoon island, off the coast of Brazil.  The island is known as "Isle Esme", because Esme, Edward's adoptive mother, was given the entire island as a wedding present by Carlisle, Edward's adoptive father.  (For those not familiar with the Saga, Edward's family members are all vamps.)

For more news about Robsten, i.e., Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (whom I hope will end up happily married forever after!!!), please visit the site by clicking on the blog name above.  Or, you can access it from my list of favorite sites, which you will find in my sidebar.

By the way, they call themselves a blog, but I don't see a list of followers on their page.  You can follow them, though, on Facebook.  But I don't see any direct following link on the page.  Therefore, I have listed them in my favorite sites section.


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