Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Great New Following Option!!!

As most of you in the blogging community know by now, Google has decided to pull the plug on the GFC follower widget next month.  That means that blogs not supported by Blogger, Google's blogging software, will not be able to display their follower count, or follower avatars, on their sidebars. 

I have discovered a new follower widget, Linky Followers, which was created by a certain tech guru named Brent Riggs.  (Of course, I wasn't the first blogger to find out about this, but I saw it for the first time yesterday.)  It can be accessed at a new website he's established for it.  This service is totally FREE!!  Yes, that's right, no cost involved!!   (Thanks, Mr. Riggs!)  So now, blogs supported by Wordpress, as well as regular .com websites, can proudly display their followers in their sidebars! 

While I really don't need this service myself, since my blog won't be affected by Google's strange decision, I am very mindful of those of my blogger friends whose blogs are on Wordpress.  Now they, too, can have a follower widget!!  (Yes, I know...we have Networked Blogs.  I don't much like that one myself, though.  I haven't had anyone follow my blog with it yet.)  Even though I really don't need it, I've added this widget to my blog's sidebar, because I'm already following (and being followed!) with it.  Also, this is an excellent way of making this new service known!

How did I discover this?  Well, I was visiting Cambria Hebert's blog earlier today, and noticed the new widget in her sidebar.  This made me quite happy, since I had been wanting to follow her blog publicly, but didn't want to subscribe either to an RSS feed, or through emails!  So I decided to follow her this way.  When I clicked on the link "Follow Me", I was taken to the Linky Followers site, where I then opened an account.  In just a few minutes, I had five new followers, including Mr. Riggs himself! 

Please spread the word to other bloggers, especially those whose blogs are not supported by Blogger.  Don't forget to inform authors, or anyone else, who has a website, instead of a blog.

Again, a HUGE thank you to Brent Riggs for thinking of this!!  

To register at Linky Followers, just click HERE.

Brent's Linky Followers Profile is HERE.

Brent's blog, Linky Tools, is HERE.

Go to Cambria Hebert's blog HEREFor those not familiar with her, she's the author of the young adult novel, Masquerade, among others!


  1. Came by t follow your awesome blog and I saw your awesome post!I love the new following option too, and its relly great for wordpress as well, which I liked. I like dashboard too and I think its going to be an easy way to follow the blogs I love. Thanks so much for the mention in the post and the mention of Masquerade, you are too sweet!!! Have a great week!

  2. Hi, Cambria!

    Oh, thank you for saying that I have an awesome blog!! You're very sweet yourself! And you're very welcome for the mention of your blog, as well as "Masquerade"!

    (BTW, I'm not familiar with dashboard. I'll visit you and ask about that.)

    Thanks again for such a lovely comment!! : )


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