Saturday, October 28, 2017

Shelf Candy Saturday No. 228: Wizard Girl, by Rick Just

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Here's my choice for this week!

Wizard Girl
(The Wizards Trilogy, Book 2)
Rick Just
Trade Paperback, 364 pages
Cedar Creek Press
January, 2017
   Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction

My Thoughts About This Cover

This is such a STUNNING cover! All the cover elements are typical of high fantasy novels -- the ancient arch, through which a mighty castle can be seen, the circular emblem of a rather mysterious-looking  mythological creature that might very well be a winged lion.  Then there's the bold, classic Roman font that beautifully complements the images. And, increasing  this cover's visual appeal for me, there's all that BLUE!!

The combination of what looks like ancient Greek and Roman architecture, and a castle that looks very medieval, is a really intriguing one! 

You might have guessed it already -- this is indeed another BRILLIANT cover by those very talented artists at Deranged Doctor Design! These people are just AMAZING!!     

As I mentioned in my previous two SCS posts, Deranged Doctor Design is the name of a group of cover artists who create covers for self-published authors.

As with the two previous covers, I did not find any attribution for this one. So I have no idea who this artist might be. Unfortunately, these people seem to be very modest, as they don't give proper credit to each cover creator! Lol.

Be sure to check out the links below for more samples of the work of these AMAZING cover artists! They are already on my list of favorite cover illustrators and designers, of course! And, I will be featuring more of their great covers in future "Shelf Candy Saturday" posts!!

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  1. I like a lot of things about this cover. I like the shades of blue. I like the castle. I would really like to explore the building! The one thing that throws the image off a little bit if the mixing of medieval and with Greek/Roman architecture. I think that the picture would have worked better had it been all medieval.

    1. Hi, Brian!

      Oh, I LOVE the blue!! And yes, that castle is MAGNIFICENT!! I would love to explore it, too!

      I don't mind the mixing of the medieval with the Greek/Roman aspects. And I've just realized something I missed in my initial analysis -- the curve of the arch is not typical of either Greek or Roman architecture. It actually shows evidence of an Arabian or Moslem influence. Wonder why I didn't notice it before. So maybe that's why I don't mind this mix that much. That ornamented (for lack of a better word) curvature makes this arch much more attractive, and, in my honest opinion, more "compatible" with the medieval style of the castle. I think I'll go back and include this observation in the post.

      Thanks for another great, insgightful comment!! Hope you're having a nice Saturday!! <3 :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, Nina!

      Glad you like it, too!

      Thanks for commenting!! <3 :)

  3. I am trying to imagine how I would get to the castle. Is there a road in the back to make it easy to get to or would someone have to climb the steep cliffs?

    It is a lovely cover, and I can see why you are drawn to it. Hopefully the book lives up to its cover!

    Thank you for sharing, Maria! Have a great week!

    1. Hi, Wendy!

      You know, I hadn't even thought of that! Lol. I'm sure there must be a road leading up to it -- somewhere. It just isn't visible in the cover. Good point! :)

      Yes, this is indeed a lovely cover! I LOVE the blue!! Like you, I sure hope the book lives up to this cover loveliness!

      Thanks for the nice comment!! Hope you're having a great week! HUGS TO YOU & MOUSE!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)


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