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Shelf Candy Saturday No. 194: Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë

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Here's my choice for this week!

Jane Eyre
Charlotte Brontë 
Hardcover , 507 pages
Barnes & Noble 
July 1, 2011
Classics, Gothic Fiction, Historical Fiction,  
Literary Fiction, Romance

My Thoughts About This Cover

I own several editions of this, my favorite classic novel, but I don't own this one -- yet! I have been eying it for several months now, every time I happen to be at Barnes & Noble. It certainly IS beautiful!

Yes, I'm one of those crazy bibliophiles who owns several editions of a favorite book! I think I have at least  five different editions of this novel, and I wouldn't mind owning a few more, lol. Of course, any edition of this novel that I purchase would HAVE to have a gorgeous cover!

While I do not usually prefer covers that focus on typography as the main design element, sometimes I make exceptions. Such is the case here. I LOVE the font used for the title, which takes up the entire middle area of this cover! The letters are basically classic, but they are very bold, and the corners of each letter have been made more prominent. Also, I like the two spikes added to the first two two letters of Jane's first and last names. Furthermore, although the title is all in caps, I also love that these first two letters are larger. Another detail which makes the title even more appealing is the 'shadow' behind each letter. Yet another is the fact that the middle bar in the letter "A" has been given a triangular shape. All of these things serve to make the title avoid 'the boring look'. In short, this is truly inspired typographical design!

Other great details related to the title and author's name are the bars above and below the title (the top bar has ornamentation on it), the small candelabra placed between the title and the author's name, and the ornamentation below the author's name, which is exactly the same as the one above the title.

The designs placed at each of the four corners give this cover much of its beauty, as well. They look like intricately woven, lace  decorations that might appear on a dress of the period, and contrast very nicely with the bold letters of the font used. 

To top it all off, the entire design has been framed by a simple, decorative border, which gives this cover a very classical look.

I might buy this book when I visit B&N this weekend, and then I can check the copyright page to see who this highly talented designer is. The Amazon preview has not been of any help in the case of this particular cover....  


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  1. I love the fact that your choices for covers have been so esoteric Maria.

    I like this cover a lot. There is a kind of beauty in its simplicity.

    I agree that the details that you point out regarding the Font are brilliant.

    I also find it striking how much aesthetic power can be derived from the simple combination of black and white.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Thanks for the good word!! <3 :)

      This is definitely a very beautiful cover, precisely because of its simplicity! And the details about the font sure contribute to this beauty!

      The use of only black and white is also very effective in this cover. Sometimes this can certainly work. It depends on how creative the designer and/or cover illustrator is, though. In this case, this person is very obviously brilliant!

      I wish I could have gotten some information on this cover's designer, but the Amazon preview was no help in this case. Since I will definitely be owning this book pretty soon (how could I POSSIBLY resist? Lol.) I will be adding more information to this post.

      Hope you're having a WONDERFUL Saturday! You and your family must be looking forward to that turkey! : )

      Thanks for the TERRIFIC comment!! :)


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