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Shelf Candy Saturday No. 185: Bloody Valentine, by Melissa de la Cruz

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Here's my choice for this week!

Bloody Valentine
 (Blue Bloods, Book 5.5) 
Melissa de la Cruz 
 Hardcover, 147 pages
 Hyperion Book CH, First Edition
December 28, 2010
  Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy,
Young Adult Fiction

My Thoughts About This Cover

This is a stunning, exquisitely feminine cover, and yet, a very bold one; the main image -- the flower -- seems to be larger than life. It is also breathtakingly beautiful! Those petals! Although this image is obviously a photograph, those subtle gradations of color make it almost look like a very well-crafted drawing. The contrast of tones in the flower immediately pull the eye into it, and are just mesmerizing.... at least, that's the effect they have on me.

The juxtaposition of the young woman's very bright lips right next to this luxuriantly-blooming flower is a very nice one. Her lipstick is the very same color as the darkest petals, and her mouth is slightly open, mimicking the opening of the flower. It's very clear that this cover represents the archetypal symbolism of Woman as Flower, and very effectively, too.

One thing I don't like is the trickle of blood emerging from beneath the flower. I know this is a vampire novel, but I don't like it when blood is shown on the covers of such novels. Paradoxical, I know, but there it is.... Could it be that the woman on the cover has pricked her finger? It looks like this flower might be a rose, but it's not entirely clear. Still, I don't like the trickle of blood.

The whole shape of the flower is circular, something I find extremely attractive, as I love circles and spheres. To me, these shapes are symbolic of perfection and wholeness.

The dark, lacy design at the bottom of the cover is also very effective, as well as beautiful. It could refer to the lacy bodice of a dress, but I also feel it's a symbol of a barrier, or some kind of imprisonment.

Another element I'm not completely happy with is the title. I don't like the font used, nor its size. Also, I don't like the 'phantom double title' behind it. In my humble opinion, a more ornate, slightly larger title, without that second one behind it, would have been much more in keeping with the overall look of this cover. Oh, well.... 

In spite of the above-mentioned points, I still think this is a GORGEOUS cover! I love the boldness and simplicity of the overall design, the color tones, and the symbolism.

When I opened the Amazon preview for this book and went to the copyright page, I saw the following notation: "Designed by Tanya D. Hughes". That was it. I then did a Google search for this person, but was regretfully unable to find any information about her. It looks like she either used a stock photo, or had a photographer take this specific photo, which she then cropped for the most dynamic impact, and added the lacy design and title. 

Unfortunately, there's also no information about a photographer, if one was specifically used, on the copyright page. 

I wish I had more to offer regarding the creator(s) of this AWESOME cover, but, "it is what it is".... 


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  1. Generally, there's a lot to love about this cover as you've pointed out. The blood though, feels like a cliche for me though. It's cheesy.

    1. Hi, Verushka!

      Yes, this indeed a GORGEOUS cover! I'm glad you agree about the blood. It IS a cliche, and cheesy, as you say, as well. I get it that this is a vampire novel, but still, do they have to be THAT obvious? Lol.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! Hope you're having a GREAT Sunday down under!! <3 :)

    2. P.S. Just found out, thanks to Google, that you're already into Monday, and probably asleep right now. Lol. It's 3:41 AM in Australia now!! WOW. Amazing!! :)

  2. This is a very striking cover.

    I am of two minds about the blood. It seems to disrupt the overall effect. It is like an intrusion on the harmony of the picture. On the other hand, perhaps that disruption adds to what the picture is saying. I suppose that it relates to the story, or at least the overall feel, of the book.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      This is indeed a very striking cover! It has a VERY strong visual impact, for sure!

      I like your comments about the blood: "It seems to disrupt the overall effect. It is like an intrusion on the harmony of the picture." Absolutely! I totally agree! It does relate to the story, because this book is a vampire novel, but heck, did they have to be THAT obvious? Lol.

      Thanks for the great comment!! Hope you're having a nice Sunday!! :)


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