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Book Blogger Hop No. 61: Book Recommendations With Reviews

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If you recommend a book to
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My Answer

When I recommend a book to someone, it's usually on Goodreads. That site provides a widget that scrolls through your entire list of friends, so that, with just one click on a button underneath a friend's name, you can recommend a book. Next to each person's avatar and name, the widget also lists one of their preferred reading genres, so, if you just finished reading a science fiction novel, for example, the widget will list all the friends on your list who like that genre. The same goes for any other genre. This avoids the problem of recommending a book to someone that they won't like reading. It's not an entirely foolproof system, but it does come pretty close.

This widget automatically appears every time a Goodreads member gives a book a rating of four or five stars. It's not necessary for someone to actually review a book for the widget to appear. Of course, there are times when I will only rate a book, and not necessarily post a review of it at the time I'm rating it. 

This widget makes it very easy, fast, and convenient to recommend books to people. Once you've clicked on all the applicable names on the first page, the next one comes up right away. Therefore, members can make over a hundred recommendations or more at one time, with no hassles.

Obviously, even if I wanted to, I would never have the time to send the link to my review to all the people I've recommended a book to. I would have to email each and every one of them. So I just never do that. If I've only rated a book, then obviously I won't have a review, so there will be no need to send anyone a link, anyway.

My closest friends will always notice my reviews immediately, as reviews always come up on Goodreads profile status updates as soon as they're posted.  

I have never sent anyone, not even my closest buddies on Goodreads, links to my reviews. I haven't done this with blogger friends who may or may not be my friends on Goodreads, either. I don't know....I think it's a little like bragging, or attempting to push my writing on people or something. I really don't feel comfortable doing it.   I just don't like to make people feel obligated to read my reviews. I think  just my recommendation should be enough.

I'd like to clarify something here. The statements above express how I personally feel about this issue. They do not in any way imply a judgment against anyone who feels comfortable sending their review links along with book recommendations. For me, though, it just doesn't feel right, somehow.

Blogger friends are already aware of my posts, usually through following my blog via GFC, Bloglovin', and/or Linky Followers. So of course they're free and welcome to comment on any reviews I post, whether on this blog, or my second blog, MindSpirit Book Journeys. This reflects my view that a book review posted on a blog is an implicit recommendation of the book, if it's a positive review. If it's a negative review, then it's an implicit "anti-recommendation" for it! Lol.

If anyone ever actually asks me to send them a link to my review in the future (perhaps they've missed a blog post, or the review escaped their notice on Goodreads), then that's another matter entirely. I will then be only too happy to oblige!   

What are your thoughts on
the opinions I've expressed here?
Please leave a comment,
and I'll go check out your post!


  1. I am also hesitant to push links to my blog too hard. I think folks feel an obligation to read the post which can be time consuming and uninteresting for them,

    I use Goodreads but I do not rate books. Maybe I should, I guess if I did I could use the widget and send recommendations. I did not know that this feature existed. In retrospect I guess few folks have sent me recommendations this way. It seems useful.

    I have pointed a few folks to my posts when discussing books or concepts on Twitter. I usually send a disclaimer that I do not expect them to read the entire post and I am only sending it if they turn out to be interested.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      I'm glad you agree on this issue! However, I think your posts are ALWAYS interesting! But, of course, I always go check them out when I become aware that you've published a new one.

      I LOVE Goodreads! Most of the time, I just rate books there. Then, later on, I copy and paste my blog review there, too. I don't always do it as soon as I post it here, though.

      The widget I described is indeed VERY useful! It always appears when you give a book a rating of 4 or 5 stars. That's because, if you think the book is THAT good, then it stands to reason that you might want to recommend it to other people.

      I also agree with your idea of sending a disclaimer when sharing a link to one of your posts with people on Twitter. That's a very thoughtful thing to do! I feel the same way; I don't want people to feel obligated to read any of my reviews.

      Thanks for the very insightful comment!! Happy Friday, and I hope you have an AWESOME weekend!! :)

  2. Me either, I've never sent my review to anyone. IF they asked I would, but I wouldn't on my own.

    1. Hi, Verushka!

      I'm glad you agree with my viewpoint! Yeah, I think that sending people my review links, along with book recommendations, would be like pushing my reviews on them. I would never want anyone to feel obligated to read my reviews! But if they ask for a link, then I would definitely send it to them.

      Thanks for commenting!! :)

  3. I have a friend who frequently uses Goodreads to recommend books to me. I haven't really used the site for that though. It's not often I specifically recommend a book to someone. When I do, I can't say I include my review--unless asked. It's rare anyone asks. Like you, I'm not very comfortable with the idea--and really, for much of the reason you shared. Thanks for sharing, Maria!

    1. Hi, Wendy!

      I don't use Goodreads to recommend books on an everyday basis, but I do use it pretty often. They've made it SO convenient to give book recommendations!

      I'm glad you agree with my feelings regarding sending reviews along with my book recommendations. It just feel kinda awkward, so I don't do it. No one's ever asked me to send them one of my reviews. I would definitely send one, of course, if anyone were ever to ask. But if not, I definitely won't do it!

      You're very welcome for the sharing! Thanks for the very insightful comment!! <3 :)

  4. I love the recommends button on Goodreads and use it frequently. Happy Reading!

    1. Hi, Heather!

      Yes, that button is very convenient! Happy Reading to you, too, and thanks for commenting!! :)


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