Monday, June 13, 2016

Midsummer's Eve Giveaway Hop Coming Up!!!

Are you ready for summer with a GREAT stash of books to read,
at the beach or elsewhere?
No?! Well, here's your chance 
to win some!!!!
This AWESOME summer giveaway 
hop is being hosted by
Mary @ Bookhounds!!!

It starts on June 21st, and ends 
on June 30th!!
There are currently 42 blogs participating, 
and I'm sure more will join in before 
the Linky List closes on June 18th.
If you'd like to sign up,
there's still time! Just click 
on the link above!

I will be holding an 
and will end it at midnight on July 1st,
which will give people even MORE chances to WIN!!!!

I will be giving one LUCKY winner 
 a choice of one of these
However, if you don't like 
any of these, or have
already read them, you can pick any
other book you'd love to read!!

You can check out all of the 
participating blogs by
scrolling through
the Linky List below!!



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