Friday, September 18, 2015

Feature & Follow Friday #13: New Questions for Featured Blogs

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This week's featured blog
I Heart Reading!

Here is this week's question:

Help us give our Feature Interview Questions a fresh look! What questions do you think we should ask our weekly features?

Contributed by
Alison Can Read

This is certainly a different topic for the Feature & Follow Hop! It's an interesting one, too!

Here are the questions I am contributing. I hope they will be considered by the hosts, Alison Can Read, and Parajunkee's View, to be included in future interviews.

1.) Do you prefer to stick with one specific design/layout for your blog, or do you like to change it every so often?

2.) How has your blogging style evolved over time?

3.) What types of blogs do you most enjoy reading, and why?

4.) In your opinion, would a book blogger be more successful by sticking to one specific genre, or by being eclectic?

5.) If you decided to turn your blog into a book, which types of posts would you choose to include in the book, and why?

6.) Which do you consider more important -- having a lot of followers, or getting a lot of comments? Or do you think both are important?

7.) Is there any specific type of post you'd like to do more of on your blog?

8.) Would you ever consider reading and reviewing a genre you normally dislike, or are really indifferent to? Why or why not?

9.) Some blog readers think that blog tour posts are spam. Do you agree or disagree, and why?

10.) In your opinion, what are some mistakes made by bloggers that can push readers away?

11.) In your opinion, what are some great things a blogger can do to attract more readers?

12.) Do you think book bloggers should be paid for writing book reviews? Why or why not? 


Next Week's Question

If you could have any job, what 
would you do?

Contributed by
Peace Love Books

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  1. Nice questions! They tend to go on the techinical side of blogging but they are helpful to others! Old follower. ;)

  2. Wow, you definitely put a lot of thoughts into your questions! I want to answer them now, hah. :)

    Here's my FF post.

  3. Awesome list of questions, Maria! It'd be so great to read the different answers to these. I had trouble coming up with the ones I did, but look at you go! Nice work. :-D

    My FF!

  4. Hi, Alexandra!

    Glad you liked my questions! I thought it would be nice to have questions that would help out other bloggers, as well as letting us get to know the blogger being interviewed.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting! : )

  5. Hi, Majanka!

    Yeah, I didn't want to ask questions that are commonly asked. You can go ahead and answer them, if you want.

    Thanks so much for the visit and the comment!! : )

  6. Hi, Baggins!

    Feel free to answer them! Lol. But seriously, I did put some thought into these questions.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!! : )

  7. Great questions! 7 stands out for me just now because i'm taking part in this weekly meme. I'd love to take part in more of them. I remember a meme Under The Cover's used to do called 'Dirty Little Secret', it was always such a good laugh!

    I'm new to this FF, glad to have stumbled across your blog! I've added it to my 'Blogs' page since i'm not with Blogger but Wordpress.

    Hope you're having a great wkend x

  8. Hi, Rose!

    Yeah, I love participating in memes, too! I don't participate every single week in the FF meme. It depends on the question asked that week. I I love the question, I will participate.

    I think I've seen the meme "Dirty Little Secret", and yes, it was on the blog you've mentioned. I think I'll go take a look.

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment!! : )


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