Friday, September 11, 2015

Feature & Follow Friday #12: An 'Unknown' Book I Love

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Contributed by
Becky's Barmy Book Blog

Elswyth Thane
Hardcover, 264 pages
Amereon, Ltd.
Reprint Edition
June 1, 1980
(first published 1939)
Classics, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, 
Paranormal Romance, Young Adult Fiction

For my FF post last week, I featured a movie whose female protagonist is named Sabrina. This week, I'm featuring a book whose female protagonist is also named Sabrina. The book and the movie have nothing to do with each other; each one tells a completely different story. The fact that each heroine has the same name is entirely coincidental. I just happen to love both stories!

To my knowledge, this book has never been made into a movie, which I can't understand, because it's such a beautiful romance novel! I can almost see it playing in my head, in classic black and white....

The plot revolves around an innocent, bookish, 17-year-old girl, Sabrina Archer, and a man in his early thirties, Hilary Shenstone. Sabrina and her family, consisting of her father, a university professor, and a cantankerous aunt, have moved into a house in the English countryside, where they will spend their summer vacation.  The house is named Nuns Farthing. (There's a tradition in England to give houses names; in Jane Eyre, the house was named Thornfield Hall, for instance.)

Hilary is a ghost. While he's on a spy mission in India for the British government, his plane is shot down, and he is killed. His final thoughts are of Nuns Farthing, and he feels a very strong pull to go there. So, after his death, his spirit travels there, and he meets Sabrina.

Meanwhile, Sabrina had been very curious about a certain locked room in the house. One day, she picks the lock, and enters the room. It's Hilary's room, of course, and all of his belongings, including his books, are there, just as he left them before going off on his mission. Sabrina starts looking through his things, feeling like an intruder, at first. But she can't stay out of the room. So she returns every day, and gradually begins to fall in love with Hilary as she gets to know him through his belongings, especially his books.

When they meet, she can't see him, but she can sense his presence. The author develops their romance so skillfully, even though these lovers can't communicate with words! They sense each other's feelings, though, and they are true soul mates. 

I won't reveal the ending, which is, in a way, heartbreaking, and yet, is just perfect. I will simply say that this is a very sweet, wonderful story, as well as an emotional one. Yet, it's not cheesy at all. Thane is a terrific writer! This book might seem a bit dated now, but it's still a great story! And it definitely fits into the YA category, not only because of Sabrina's age, but also because it has no foul language in it, and no graphic sex scenes. 

I read this novel when I was around 17 myself, and loved it! Again, I do wish it had been made into a movie at some point. But who knows? Perhaps it will be, someday....

The downside of this book is that it's out of print, so it's a bit pricey to get. I bought a copy  with the above cover some years ago, on Amazon. While of course I'm not crazy about this cover, I badly wanted to own the story inside, so I went ahead and bought it. I'm sure most libraries have it, though.

Believe me, if you love sweet, tender romances, you will really enjoy Tryst! I recommend it to all romance novel addicts! 

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  1. I've never heard of this one but it sounds like my kind of book. I'll have to check it out! Thanks for sharing, Maria. And yay for Sabrina's! ;-)

    My FF!

  2. Hi, Baggins!

    I don't think many book bloggers have heard of this book. I've never seen it in stores, either; I happened to be at the library one day, saw it, and took a look. Well, I borrowed it, brought it home, and devoured it!

    It's a real shame this book has not stayed in's also a shame it doesn't have a better cover. But the story is absolutely WONDERFUL.

    I hope you can get a hold of "Tryst", as I'm sure you'd enjoy it!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! : )

  3. This seems like a very interesting book. Not like much I have read before
    I like the title too
    New GFC follower!
    My FF

    -Nicolette @ A Read-aholic

  4. This seems like a fantastic read! I haven't read anything like it!

    Old follower via GFC!
    Kristen @ One Chapter Ahead

  5. Sounds interesting. It reminds me of an old funny film featuring Angelina Jolie in her younger days, Love is All there Is.

    I'm a new twitter, GFC, G+ and bloglovin follower. Please follow me back in those via

  6. Hi, Nicolette!

    Oh, this is a GREAT novel!! I know you would enjoy it! And the title is definitely nice, as well. I highly recommend it to you!

    Thanks for following and commenting!! : )

  7. Hi, Kristen!

    Yes, this is indeed a fantastic read! I know it's expensive to buy, but I found the copy I first read, back when I was 17, in a library. I'm sure you can find one, too, in your nearest library. Hope you read and enjoy it!

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! : )

  8. Hi, Liezl!

    Oh, I haven't heard of that movie. I'll definitely look it up! Thanks for letting me know! Anyway, I hope you can get this book in a library. It's very well worth the read!

    WOW. You followed me, and my blog, all those ways? Thank you so much!! I'll be sure to do the same! And thanks for the comment, too!! : )

  9. Hi Maria! Paranormal romance is one of my all time favorite genre ! This sounds good too, though it's too old! :) I hope I can still find a copy of this book somewhere.. LOL :) Thanks for sharing. :)

    Old GFC follower.. :)
    New G+ follower :)

  10. Hi, there!

    I'm sure you can find this in a library. I discovered it in a library myself, when I was around 17.

    If you love paranormal novels, especially those that contain romance, you MUST get and read this book!!! Believe me, you'll NEVER forget it!!

    I've just bought a used copy on Amazon, for $1.98 + $3.99 S/H. This is a very rare thing, though, to find an out-of-print book that cheap. However, I do want to buy a new copy from The Book Depository, which I discovered the other day. I have to wait, though, because it costs $29.63.....and I'm hard up for cash right now. But I WILL end up buying it! The cover on their copy is prettier than the one I have in my blog post. Hmmmmm.....I just might change it now....

    Thanks so much for commenting back, and, of course, for following me with GFC, and now with Google +!! I GREATLY appreciate this!! <3 : )

  11. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I hope you'll like the books! Follower on GFC and Bloglovin!

  12. Hi, Alexandra! Thanks for following and commenting back!! : )


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