Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Waiting On Wednesday #107: The Shadowmagic Trilogy, by John Lenahan

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It showcases future releases which
we book bloggers
are eagerly anticipating!!

Here's my choice for this week!

The Shadowmagic Trilogy
Trade Paperback, 864 pages
The Friday Project
September 2, 2014
Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction

Book Synopsis

A Lord of the Rings for the 21st century. Only a lot shorter. And funnier. And completely different.

The complete Shadowmagic trilogy. Including Shadowmagic, Prince of Hazel and Oak and Sons of Macha.

Shadowmagic is a fantasy adventure for young adults (although grown ups will like it too). Written by one of the most popular magicians in the UK,  it brings a fresh approach to the genre and will have a broad appeal beyond the fantasy sections.

Why am I waiting on this one?

That first phrase in the synopsis
is what really did it for me:
"A Lord of the Rings for the 21st century."
Since Tolkien is one of my top
literary idols, any book that even remotely
resembles his work will definitely
capture my attention!
I also find this cover extremely appealing!

What do you think 
of my choice?
What awesome book(s) are you 
waiting on this week?


  1. Great pick - I hope you'll enjoy it :)


    1. Hi, there!

      Oh, I KNOW I will!! I ADORE epic fantasy, and, since this book has been compared to Tolkien's work, I'm definitely in for a treat!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! : )

  2. This cover looks really cool! and it sounds interesting too :)

    Nemo @ Blame it on the book

    1. Hi, Nemo!

      This cover certainly reminds me of Tolkien's immortal epic, so of course I LOVE it!! And yes, the book DOES look interesting!! The best part is that it's three books in one!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )

  3. I think it a great choice.

    John Lenahan


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