Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shelf Candy Saturday #115: Winter Queen,by Amber Argyle


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Here's my choice for this week!

Winter Queen
(Fairy Queens, #1)
Hardcover, 254 pages
June 19, 2013
(first published March 18, 2013)
Starling Publishing
Fantasy, Paranormal Romance,
Young Adult Fiction

 Why do I love this cover?

I can't help but favor blue covers, and this one is just so exquisitely beautiful.... I love everything about it, too -- the various shades of blue, from dark to sky blue, the Winter Queen's wings, which are also shaded with light pink, the little fairies floating around her, that delicate, lacy white dress she's wearing....  Everything about this cover makes me think of a world of magic and beauty!

The fairy queen seems to be floating in a winter landscape, perhaps half-asleep, although she might simply be considering what to do with her new powers.  I think there are mountains behind her, blending into her wings. She's holding a strange, white flower in her left hand, which I'm willing to bet is magical, too.

The only thing I would improve on this cover is the font used for the title.  I would have preferred something more ornate, which I think would have further enhanced this already stunning image.

This cover is even more stunning
when the full picture is seen! 

I'm very happy to report that I've been able to get information about this amazingly talented artist! Thanks to the cover reveal post on Amber's blog, I found out that the artist's name is Laura Sava! (Amber mentions her name in the comments section of the post.) When I did a Google search for this artist, I found quite a few links for her, all of which I've posted below! 

I hope you all enjoy this breathtaking cover, and the information about this artist, as well! 

Laura Sava Online


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  1. Another great cover Maria.

    In addition to everything that you mention I like the way that the background conveys the sense of lots of movement going on. It is tumultuous but in an almost benign way. The figures in the background add to this sense.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Yes, isn't it? The overall design is so delicate, and yet, so bold. I agree with your statement about the sense of movement being tumultuous. Definitely so! Indeed, this is a very dynamic cover! I think the interplay of bold and delicate, which is so nicely balanced, contributes to the dynamism. Of course, the figures in the background add to that, as well.

      Thanks for such a great comment!! : )


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