Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stacking The Shelves #28: Last Kiss Goodnight, Black and Blue, Green Rider, Persuasion, Mystic, The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Roamance, Burning Bright

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As the title implies, this is all about
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to your shelves, be they physical or virtual.
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This week's haul!! 

Books Purchased

I've heard so much about Gena Showalter,
but have yet to read one of her books.
Well, I might very well start
with this one!
This story sounds very exciting,
as well as sweet, since
the male protagonist is initially a prisoner...


This is the second in Showalter's new
paranormal series, Otherworld Assassin,
but it's not a sequel to
the novel above.
Both books (and subsequent ones)
are about black ops agents,
paranormal warriors
who are also living hunks...
Ah, delish!

I came across this book at good ol'
Barnes & Noble the other day,
and it immediately caught
my eye because of the dynamic girl
pictured on the cover.
I had never heard of this one before,
but the synopsis is exciting,
and it's the first in a fab fantasy series!

This is a solid classic, in a very nice edition
which caught my eye right away!
That cover transports me right over
to Regency England!
I can almost feel myself catching
the hem of my fashionable, flouncy dress
to keep it from getting wet,
as I hold my parasol at the same time....

(I found this particular edition on EBay.
It's not easily available.)

This novel is by the author of
the Immortals series,
so I know it's got to be great!
Also, I really like that cover, which
grabbed me right away.
The synopsis is also riveting!

This is a nice collection of paranormal stories,
with a very attractive cover!
Vamps, shapeshifters, werewolves, and other
fascinating paranormal creatures!

I got this one at Ebay,
and again it was the cover
that grabbed my attention, with
its highly unusual
composition and strange characters.
This is a science fiction tale
involving video gaming and politics
on an alien world....

The printed editions of this book are
hard to find now, but
it is available at the following sites:

What do you think of my haul?
What great books did you stack
on your shelves this week?


  1. Gena Showwalter always has the best covers for her books. Come check out my stack as well.

    Books of Love

    1. Hi, Grace!

      I agree -- Showalter's books do indeed have nice covers!

      I'll definitely go over and check out your incredible haul. Thanks for commenting!! : )

  2. Replies
    1. Hi, Shane!

      Thanks! Happy reading to you, too! I'll go check out your stack!! : )


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