Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shelf Candy Saturday #94: The Creepy Hollow Series, by Rachel Morgan

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Here's my choice for this week:
three gorgeous covers!

The Faerie Guardian
(Creepy Hollow #1)
Rachel Morgan
Trade Paperback, 298 pages

The Faerie Prince
(Creepy Hollow #2)
Rachel Morgan
Trade Paperback, 358 pages

The Faerie War
(Creepy Hollow #3)
Rachel Morgan
Trade Paperback, 332 pages

Why do I love these covers?

They are absolutely magical!  I love the translucent flowers and swirly abstract patterns made of colored lights, against the dark backgrounds.  The flowers and starbursts are like fairy fireworks, with a very whimsical air.   Although delicate and intricate, they are somehow very simply designed, as well. 

Each cover is very well complemented by the stark font, which contains embellished letters in each word of the title.

This is a young adult fantasy series with paranormal elements, and these gorgeous covers definitely give the viewer an idea of the type of books they contained within them.  I think they should be a boxed set, and certainly give that impression.

All three books were published by the author herself.  The first one was released in October, 2012, while the other two were released in May and October of this year. 

The artist listed for the covers is simply Morgan Media, which is probably the author's own book publishing company, since they share the same last name.  If Rachel Morgan also designed these beauties, then she's as talented an artist as she is an author!

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  1. I also really like these covers. They really evoke a certain emotion of the mysterious and mystical that is different to put into words.

    We have discussed the issue before, but I really wish that all books were one - hundred percent clear as to who the cover artist is.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Yes, these are very special covers, and I'm glad you like them! They do indeed "evoke a certain emotion of the mysterious and mystical". Very well put! As for the cover artist not being properly credited, this is a pet peeve with me, as well. I don't know WHY some book publishers do frustrating....sigh....

      Thanks for another great comment!! : )


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