Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Waiting On Wednesday #89: Snakeroot, by Andrea Cremer

This is a weekly event hosted by
It showcases future releases which
we book bloggers
are eagerly anticipating!!

Here's my choice for this week!

( Nightshade #4)
Hardcover, 336 pages
December 10, 2013
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Young Adult Fiction

Goodreads Synopsis

Fans asked for it, and now they've got it! Andrea Cremer is continuing the story she began in her internationally bestselling trilogy: Nightshade, Wolfsbane, and Bloodrose. In this new installment, Bosque Mar haunts the dreams of both Adne and Logan, trying to escape for the Nether, where Calla, Shay and the other Guardians trapped him in the final battle in the War of All Against All. Will he turn Adne to the dark side? Will Logan reclaim his birthright? And will darkness take over our world? In a novel filled with magic, romance and breakneck action, master storytelling Andrea Cremer's newest installment will not disappoint!

Why am I waiting on this book?

I am such a HUGE fan of this series!!
I've read the first three novels,
which are packed with exciting action,
wonderful characters,
and great romance, and, quite frankly,
I didn't want it all to come to
an end so soon!!
So, I'm really happy that Andrea has
decided to continue with this series!!
I have my credit card ready
so I can snap this one up the minute
December 10th rolls around!
And I know I'm not alone!! 

What do you think of my choice?
What wonderful book(s)
are you waiting on this Wednesday?


  1. Replies
    1. Hi, Ashley!

      I'm very curious, too! I LOVE these characters, so I wish the series would never

      Thanks for the visit and the comment!! : )

  2. Awesome choice, I have yet to finish the series but I loved Nightshade. :D

    By the way, we are giving away a SIGNED copy of Frozen by Melissa De La Cruz & Michael Johnston! Make sure to stop by and enter! :)

    Waiting on Wednesday
    Andy @ Owl Always Be Reading

    1. Hi, Andy!

      Glad you like my choice! I LOVE this series!! I've read the first three books, and am ecstatic that Andrea has decided to write a fourth one!

      I'll be checking out your giveaway, as well as your WOW post. Thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )

  3. Replies
    1. Hi, Sandra!

      Thanks!! If you haven't read The Nightshade Series, I recommend it to you highly!! But if you like my choice, then maybe you've already read it, right?

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )


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