Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Night's Dream of Books Third Blogoversary Giveaway!!

Welcome to the third
blogoversary giveaway for
A Night's Dream of Books!!!

On September 22, 2010, I wrote and published
my first blog post!! 
Incredibly enough, it's already been
three years since I started,
and I've enjoyed the ride all the way!
I have not only learned a lot,
but have met many nice book-loving bloggers
with whom I've shared many
fun moments, and who have also
taught me so much!! 
In appreciation to all of my blogger friends
and followers,
I'm holding this giveaway
which I hope you will all participate in! are the prizes!!
You can win any one of
the following books,
OR a book of your choice* from
The Book Depository
or Fishpond!!
(*up to $15.00)

Just click on a cover to
go to the Goodreads page
for the book.



Just fill out the Rafflecopter
form below,
and be sure to read the
Terms and Conditions, located
within the widget.
Before you enter, make sure
The Book Depository
delivers to your country.
You can do that HERE.
Good luck to you all!!



  1. 3 years!!! Wow, congratulations, Chica!! You have been doing an awesome job!

    Thanks for the giveaway. It's going to be really hard to pick :)

    1. Hey, Vonnie!'s been three years! I can't believe how the time just flew!

      Thank you so much for the congrats and the compliment! And you're very welcome for the giveaway!! : )

  2. Thanks for the giveaawy! And Happy Bloversary!! <3

    1. Hi, Cali!

      You're very welcome!! Thanks for the congrats!! : )

  3. Replies
    1. Hi, Freda!

      Thanks for dropping by and congratulating me!! : )

  4. Happy blogoversary and more power to your blog!! :)

    1. Hi, Cherry! Thank you so much!! Thanks for participating, too! : )

  5. HAPPY THREE YEAR BLOGOVERSAY!!!! I think it is always amazing when we reach another year of blogging as there are so many people that stop along the way.
    Congrats :)

    1. Hi, J-9!

      Oh, thank you so very much for the congrats!! Yes, I agree that it's totally amazing when so many others have stopped blogging. To be perfectly honest, I HAVE thought of quitting sometimes.....that's because I don't see that many comments on my posts.....I do feel discouraged. But then I give myself a little pep talk, telling myself that I really MUST go on, simply because I LOVE blogging about books!!!!

      So I do hope to be around for many more years!!

      Thanks again for the wonderful comment!! : )

  6. Congratulations on the 3 year blogoversary! :D

    1. Hi, Amy! Thanks for the congrats!! I really appreciate it!! : )

  7. Congratulations, Maria! And thanks for including CHANTRESS in your picks!

    1. Hi, Amy!

      Thank you very much!! And you're very welcome for the inclusion of CHANTRESS!! I loved the book the minute I saw the cover, and know from the synopsis that it's a terrific story! So of course I HAD to include it in this giveaway!! : )

  8. This is really cool. I really really want to read the Burning Sky. It has been described as a sexy Howl's moving castle.

    1. Hi, Sarah!'

      Oh, I don't blame you for wanting to read that one! I haven't even bought it yet, but it IS on my TBR!!'

      Thanks for the comment!! : )

  9. Congrats on having the bog for three years!!

    1. Thanks!! Sometimes I HAVE gotten discouraged, but somehow I've managed to keep on going!

      Thanks for participating in the giveaway!! : )

  10. Love the blog! I can't even get one view on mine.

    1. Thank you, twilight! I went to check out yours, but didn't see any blogs listed in your Blogger profile. There wasn't anything else, listed, either....


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