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Blog Tour: Book Review/Giveaway!! Aloha Mozart, by Waimea Williams

Aloha Mozart
Waimea Williams
Hardcover, 280 pages
Luminis Books, Nov. 12, 2012
Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance

From the opening sentences, this novel captured my undivided, rapt attention: "Maile Manoa's singing came from the ocean, people said, from the mountains, from flowers.  It floated on the wind like a message sent to each listener, a voice of ancient beauty, ancient power."  These beautiful sentences literally sent chills up my spine with the power of their melodious rhythm.  The images of nature the author conjured floated through my mind as I savored these words.  I was totally enthralled.... 

This is a novel of such intense passion -- the passion of art.  It tells the story of a gifted young girl obsessed with the need to sing, to find the music within her soul. 

She comes from a poor Hawaiian family, growing up in a culture totally alien to the traditions of classical music.  Yet, from the very first moment she hears a Verdi aria in sixth grade, Maile knows that she is meant for the opera stage.  And so, even as she helps to support her family with her singing, Maile secretly squirrels away money of her own for the future.

After successfully graduating from college, she leaves for music studies in New York, with the financial help of her family, which comes at great sacrifice for them.  Even though they don't understand her need to sing opera, they fully support her dream. 

After a year and a half in New York, Maile travels to Salzburg, Austria, with a letter of recommendation from her teacher, Leah Renska. 

In Salzburg, she encounters, and becomes immersed in, European culture for the first time, succeeding in becoming the student of the great Professor Aleksander Jann, who was himself a renowned opera star in years past. 

She also meets Karl, a fellow student at the Mozarteum, who plays both piano and French horn.  Their relationship blooms into love in the middle of corruption and political intrigue, as tensions with the then Soviet Union grow. 

And then, Maile is finally noticed by the great Werner von Wehlen, the legendary conductor.  As her opportunity arrives, so does a heartrending choice, for she is confronted by two alternate paths -- following the dictates of her conscience, or abandoning them in the name of art, and the career she has been studying and struggling for all her life.  How can she throw it all away?  And can she live with herself if she doesn't?

I have read few books that have touched me as deeply as this one has.  The only one that comes to mind is the equally beautiful and poignant tale of a young Jewish painter struggling to follow his muse in spite of the constraints imposed by his family and his Orthodox faith.  That memorable book is titled My Name Is Asher Lev, by the great Chaim Potok.  Both novels deal with the artist's dilemma -- to find his or her creative voice, in the midst of the pressures exerted by an uncomprehending world.  In Maile's case, however, it's not so much her family that she must contend with, but the horrible legacy of a Nazi past, which, to her shock, permeates the world of opera and classical music in 1960's Austria. 

Williams has created a richly detailed world -- from the Hawaiian paradise of Maile's birth, to the old-culture Salzburg paradise of her artistic growth into a fully accomplished soprano.  Each world is contrasted; each has its own unique delights, and Maile frequently feels the tug of each.  The descriptions of Hawaiian sunsets over mythical beaches rival those of the Austrian city's picturesque architecture and snow-capped mountains.  Williams makes sure the reader fully experiences her settings, even  noting small details.  In this particular case, she fuses the beauty of Hawaii with that of the Austrian countryside: "The plane glided lower toward a long green river winding past three tree-covered hills, the tallest spiked by a castle, its steep walls topped by the spear points of towers, at its base a maze of twisting streets as dense as a coral reef."  It's sentences like this one, as well as the ones quoted above, that make this novel such a pleasantly lush read, for those who enjoy poetic prose.  (I wonder if there's an audiobook edition; these lovely sentences must be even lovelier when read aloud.)

The novel is full of musical and operatic references, which is part of what makes it so enchanting.  Although I don't know much about opera, I do love classical music, having grown up listening to piano and violin concertos, symphonies, chamber music, and such choral works as Handel's Messiah.  Thus, I greatly enjoyed seeing many great composers mentioned, as well as learning musical terms that I had never heard before.  Because of this book, I think I'm going to begin cultivating an appreciation for opera!   

Maile Manoa is someone I wish I could be friends with.  She is a very gutsy, determined woman, totally focused on her goal, willing to undertake nearly any sacrifice to achieve it.  She is also sweet and very naïve at the beginning of her story.  She never becomes jaded, either, even as she sees the corruption around her, the hypocrisy, the ethnic snobbery.  She somehow rises above it all, buoyed by her love for Karl. 

Karl is a bit unsure of himself as he starts his relationship with Maile.  That makes me like him immensely, since I think that men who love their own importance are unattractive, even if physically gorgeous.  In spite of his initial insecurity, Karl soon falls into an easy camaraderie with the Hawaiian soprano, one that becomes deeper, richer.  He and Maile give each other emotional support through the trials of perfecting their respective crafts.  As events in the latter third of the novel approach the climax, Karl never wavers in his love and support for Maile, and she trusts him to be there for her during her moment of truth.  This was indeed a beautiful relationship, and I wanted very badly for them to remain together! 

This novel is just as much about following one's conscience as it is about working to achieve an artistic goal.  Williams, who is herself Hawaiian, has deftly used her own background as an opera singer to craft a mesmerizing tale, with great characterizations that probe the depths of human nature.  She is now one of my favorite writers!  All I need is one novel, or one short story -- whatever the case may be -- to know if a particular author will be for me or not.  It's happened with other writers, those whose particular brand of literary magic has woven a spell over my soul.  

Aloha Mozart deserves to be praised, to become a bestseller, and I firmly believe it would translate into a totally engrossing film, as well.  It is a beautiful literary pearl, one of those rare finds that will be treasured and re-read many times over.  It's not only for opera or classical music connoisseurs, but for anyone who can understand what a true artist must undergo in order to attain the heights of their art, while holding on to their integrity. 


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Waimea Williams

About the Author

Originally from Hawaii and living back home in the islands, I once spent 10 years in Europe as an opera singer. I then studied creative writing in San Francisco at the UC Berkeley extension, and received scholarships to Breadloaf and Squaw Valley. My memoir deals with Hawaiian culture. In 2013 my debut novel won a Hawaii Award for Excellence. This book answers the questions: How does a singer get from Hawaii to Salzburg in the late 1960s? What happens to her in the glamorous, high-stakes world of classical music? How much does the Nazi past matter to artists from outside Europe?
My next novel is under submission and I'm at work on a third book. When not writing I'm part of the Hawaiian cultural and environmental community.

Waimea Williams Online
A Musical Eye: Mozart In Hawaii?

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  1. This one sounds great. Obviously based upon your description there are a lot of positive points and interesting to this book. Just one of several things that I tend to like is the contrast of places and culture. Hawaii sounds so very far away, not just geographically, from Salzburg.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Oh, this is a WONDERFUL novel! Even though I'm not a singer or musician, I can readily with any artist's creative struggle. And this book deals with that struggle through great characterizations, vivid imagery, and rich, poetic prose.

      Yes, I love the contrast of places and cultures, too. Such things fascinate me! The contrast between Hawaiian and Austrian culture is absolutely beautiful, and was one of those things about this novel I really enjoyed!

      Thanks for the great comment!! : )

  2. Wow, wow, wow, Marie! You've given Waimea the highest praise any author can ever hope to receive. I'm so glad Aloha, Mozart touched your soul, entertained you, and made you fall in love with opera!

    Thank you for joining us on this tour and for cross-posting your review to Amazon and GoodReads. Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter and random commenter contests, too :-D


    1. Hi, Em!

      Oh, she truly deserves the highest praise, believe me!! This novel did indeed touch my's now one of my favorites!! It's books like this one that make reading such a worthwhile, enjoyable experience!

      I'm looking into acquiring an opera appreciation course from The Teaching Company. I definitely want to fill that gap in my education!

      You're more than welcome for my participation in this tour. When I read the synopsis for this novel, I KNEW I had to join in!

      I've already posted this review on Amazon, Goodreads, and Shelfari. I sure hope it hits those bestseller lists soon!! I've also entered the Rafflecopter giveaway, and will be commenting as soon as I can.

      Thank you for such a lovely comment!! : )

  3. It took me years to make the transition from musician to writer, but a reaction like yours, Marie, makes it all worth while. Connecting to a reader who not only understands but can appreciate work in such a sensitive and articulate review is what every writer hopes for. Thank you.

    1. Waimea, I'm truly honored by your comment, and applaud you for such a beautiful, moving novel. It's so inspiring that you've been able to make that transition! Your prose carries the music of your years as an opera singer. I'm proud to have added you to my list of favorite writers, and am looking forward to your next wonderful novel!

      Thank you for your lovely words of praise for my review. I will always treasure them. Your heroine and her artistic struggle touched my soul because in her I recognized a fellow artist, one who, unlike me, fought to achieve her dream. Well, in a way I HAVE achieved it, for this blog is my creative outlet, and I consider the time spent on it as sacred time. The hunger in my soul is somewhat appeased....

      I hope ALOHA MOZART will also be released in an audio edition, because I want to LISTEN to all the beautiful sentences you wrote!

      You're very welcome for my review, which I greatly enjoyed writing! : )

  4. Your review eloquently describes the exact reasons why Luminis Books published ALOHA, MOZART. It is a lyrical book because of the writing, musical references, cultural comparisons and so much more. Thank you for your excellent review!

    1. I'm so glad Luminis Books published this beautiful, poignant novel!! This is definitely a book to treasure and re-read, precisely because of its lyricism, and, as you've said, so much more!

      You're very welcome for my review, and thank you so much for complimenting it! I wanted to let the world know how much I loved and was enchanted by this literary jewel!!

      I'm looking forward to more great novels from Luminis Books!! : )

  5. Maria, what a wonderful review! It was extremely thorough and focused. I really enjoyed reading about how you connected with this book as a non-musical artist. I think it's really neat how you were able to learn more about music from the text, that it was enriching rather than confusing. I think that speaks to the power of this book.
    Furthermore, your "voice" as a book reviewer is friendly and intelligent without being pretentious. I can see why you have so many fans! I've enjoyed connecting with you, and hopefully we book reviewers can keep in touch. :)

    1. Hi, there!

      Oh, thank you for such positive, lovely comments!! I am so touched by your statements. I greatly appreciate them!!

      You are so right about the power of this book. It definitely deserves to be a bestseller! I was totally into it -- I love the character of Maile, and also love Karl. Everything was so real, so vividly depicted...I sometimes felt as if I were Maile, even though I don't sing opera! (I can carry a tune, but nothing as lofty as opera...)

      I especially appreciate your comment about my "voice" as a book reviewer. I sometimes worry that some people might not like my reviews, because I try to be thorough, and don't 'dumb down' my vocabulary. So these statements of yours are literally 'music to my ears'!!

      I've really enjoyed connecting with you, too!! You're a very nice person, and we'll definitely keep in touch!! : )

  6. Wow, what a wonderful review. I could really tell just how much you have enjoyed this book. The fact that it mentions Hawaii and opera (for some reason the girl mentioned reminds me of Christine), really caught my attention. Of course, your words of praise hooked me even more. I hope I win a copy *crosses fingers*

    1. Hi, Vonnie!

      Oh, thank you!! I greatly appreciate your compliment! And yes, I REALLY enjoyed this book! Not only was the story engaging, but the prose style is poetically beautiful.

      Interesting that you should mention Christine. Although I wasn't reminded of her, I can see how you would be.

      I really hope you win the signed copy! You'll LOVE this book!!

      Thanks for the great comment!! : )


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