Saturday, May 18, 2013

Shelf Candy Saturday #68: The Island of Eternal Love, by Daina Chaviano

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This is my choice for this week!

Hardcover, 336 pages
Riverhead, First Edition
June 12, 2008
Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance,
Urban Fantasy

Why do I love this cover?

This image is so mysteriously haunting...  I love the use of multiple images in this photograph, such as the one of the woman on the lower right-hand side. which is superimposed on the column next to what appears to be an entrance.

The staircase is beautifully ornate,  with an Old World grandeur typical of the houses in the older sections of Havana, Cuba.  The tiles on the wall next to the staircase are also beautiful.  They remind me of the Moorish-influenced tiles at the Alhambra, in Spain, which I have been lucky enough to visit.

The house seems to be deserted, and yet, it's not, as the woman's ghost reveals.  It's a house full of history and memories.  The headless, armless statue on the staircase banister reflects this, as well.  This statue is also symbolic of something else -- the destruction of a country and the subjugation of its people, at the hands of Fidel Castro's communist regime. 

I love the play of light and shadow in this photograph.  To me, this is symbolic of life itself, which is full of good things and bad, eternally following one another... Here, the light also refers to a nostalgia for the past, while the lurking shadows hint at the dismal future that is to come.

This is the English edition of Chaviano's masterpiece, La Isla de los Amores Infinitos, which I read some time back.  As you will see when you click on the link I have provided here, the cover of the original Spanish edition, while somewhat evocative, is definitely not as beautiful as this one is.

I wish I had a poster of the cover above, so I could frame it for my living room!


  1. Another great choice Maria. This cover really is so very atmospheric. As you allude to it also says alot. Agreed that the original Spanish version is not so interesting.

    I also agree that this book sounds like it is really good.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Thanks for the compliment!! Yes, this cover is very atmospheric, and symbolic, as well. I'm glad you agree that the one for the original Spanish version is not that interesting. It's too bad, too, because this novel is indeed REALLY good!! (I've only read it in Spanish, so far.) It does contain supernatural elements, and they might not be your cup of tea, but I highly recommend it to you, nevertheless. Chaviano is now one of my favorite writers, and I intend to read more of her books!

      As always, thanks so much for the visit and the greet comment!! You ROCK!! :)


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