Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shelf Candy Saturday #67: Three Beautiful Books from The Folio Society

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Here are this week's beauties!!

(Photos courtesy of eBay seller popblaster)

Why do I love these covers?

These books are exquisite.  They are jewels.  They were perfectly and precisely made, in a beautiful tone of aqua, each with a slipcase in the same color.  The covers all bear the same identical, bold, graphic pattern, which looks very striking, being offset by the solid tone areas, and carries over to the spine.  Words cannot express the overwhelming aesthetic pleasure I feel whenever I look at these pictures!

When I first saw these gorgeous specimens of the bookbinding art on eBay recently, my eyes were ensnared.  Then....I coveted.  Badly.  These are three novels by F. Scott Fitzgerald, produced by The Folio Society in 2005.   I knew I wouldn't be able to afford them, and that really hurt.... They were on auction, finally selling for $64.09, plus $21.75 expedited shipping and handling.

In a fit of desperation, I searched the site for more of the same.  I frantically Googled, trying to find at least one of these beauties -- for less money.  Well, I succeeded, although it wasn't that cheap... I paid $40.00, plus $4.33 shipping and handling, for one of these books -- The Beautiful and Damned.  Of course, my goal now is to acquire the other two -- This Side of Paradise, and the combined edition of The Great Gatsby and The Last Tycoon.  I realize that I will probably end up spending more money than if I had bid on the three books that were being sold together.  But I was afraid that my entering the bidding would drive the price up that much more... Unfortunately, that's how it is for book addicts who are not wealthy...we take longer to acquire our treasures, and pay more for them in the long run.

The photos above are very obvious, very strong proof that a digital book will never be able to compare with a real, printed book.  Bibliophiles not only love the content of a book, but the book itself.  I consider myself a bibliophile as well as a bookworm.  I love the physicality of printed books!  I love how they smell, their design, the feel of the pages.... The copy I so lovingly and longingly bought is now mine to treasure, mine to admire as well as read, whenever I want!  In short, I am madly in love!!

Until I'm able to get the other two books -- and I will get them -- I can take out the one I now have in my possession, and fully enjoy it!  I don't regret buying it for one solid minute!   I'm going to savor this book like a fine wine.....ah, bliss!!!


  1. Great story of you acquisition of the book as well as great looking books. They really exhibit a simple beauty and charm to them.

    As for the content - The Great Gatsby was a remarkable book. Other then that I have only read Tender is the Night which was extraordinary but terribly sad. Too bad that one is not included in the content here.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Oh, I was SO happy to be able to acquire one of these! I will eventually get the others, too. I just need to be patient!

      I have never read a Fitzgerald book. I really do need to read more classics and literary fiction, especially from American writers! I know that "The Great Gatsby" is supposed to be an excellent novel. Well, guess I'll start with "The Beautiful and Damned" -- the book I just bought.

      Thanks for the wonderful comment!! :)

  2. I would add one thing about Fitzgerald as it has been the subject that we have discussed the issue of negativity in books before. I found both the Great Gatsby as well as Tender is the Night to be very depressing works as they were in the end dominated by failure and disappointment. I am not sure about his other books.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I think I will just read the one I bought for now...if I find it too depressing (the title does sound that way) I will avoid reading the two you´ve mentioned. Thanks for the heads up!!


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