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Book Blogger Hop #15 (4/26 - 5/2): The Last Book That Made You Laugh Out Loud

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My Answer

Two of my favorite authors write very  funny romance novels -- about vampires, unbelievably enough!  The authors are Lynsay Sands and Kerrelyn Sparks. Back in the day, vampires were really scary.  They were definitely part of the horror genre.  Not necessarily so for modern-day vampires! After all, my favorite vamp, a certain Mr. Edward Cullen, even sparkles in bright sunlight....  

If vampires can be romantic, they can also be funny.  Why not?  I've never liked the traditional horror-style vamps.  In fact, I don't like the horror genre at all, whether in books or films. 

To continue...I'm going to mention one book in particular, by Kerrelyn Sparks, that I read in January of 2011.  Here it is!

(Love At Stake #5)
Kerrelyn Sparks
Mass Market Paperback, 350 pages
Avon Books
October 28, 2008
Christmas Romance,
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

To read my review, click HERE.

This whole series revolves around a group of vamps that work for Roman Draganesti, the vampire who invented synthetic blood. so that his fellow vampires don't have to sink their teeth into people.  This is not considered ethical by the good vampires in these books.  The evil vampires, known as Malcontents, refuse to drink synthetic blood, preferring to bite people instead.

The fifth novel in the series focuses on the story of Ian MacPhie, a Scottish vamp, who meets the spunky Toni Davis, a human woman hired as a guard at the Draganesti offices.  The book is full of very witty, as well as funny, dialogues that at times made me laugh out loud.

Here's a sample dialogue that made me laugh.  Ian wants to get married, and is looking for a suitable vamp candidate.  He is practicing his flirting skills with Toni, who tells him he needs to get with the times...

(Jean-Luc and Phineas are other characters in the book.)

   Smooth and charming.  That had worked for Jean-Luc.
   'Good evening, miss.  Ye're looking quite fetching tonight.'
   'Thanks.'  Her eyes narrowed.  "Lovely weather we're having.'
   'Quite so.  A bit chilly, perhaps.'
   'Indeed, Mr. Darcy.  I fear the sheep will be shivering on the moor.'  She made a face at him.  'What century did you come from?'
   'The sixteenth, but I've adjusted over the centuries.'
   She scoffed.  'Not enough.  You're still behind about two hundred years.'
   'I was trying to sound charming.'
   'Prince Charming's not a hero anymore.  Haven't you watched Shrek?'
   He didn't know what she was talking about.  'I thought charm would never go out of style.  It worked for Jean-Luc.'
   'I don't know him.  Look, you've got to sound more modern.  More hip.  Try again.'
   He searched his mind for the right words.  'Yo, hot mama, let's get down?'
   She burst into laughter.  'Now you sound like Phineas, except that you just said, 'Let's get dune.'  Oh, God, the accent is so funny.'
   'Thanks.'  He gave her a wry look.  'Perhaps I can mispronounce myself into a lady's affections.'
   Toni grinned.  'You still sound old-fashioned.' 

What did you think of this excerpt?
What book or books
have made you laugh out loud?


  1. I thought Twilight was a comedy! lol

    Thanks for participating in the hop!

    1. Hi, Billy!

      The Twilight Saga a comedy? Lol. Most guys are not into these books, but those of us females who love them find them totally romantic! Seriously. But there were certainly some very funny moments in the books.

      Hope you enjoyed reading this post. You're welcome for my participation, and thanks for commenting!! :)

  2. Ha you made me laugh!

    The whole idea of synthetic blood for vampires is actually very clever.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Yeah, this dialogue is hilarious! I'm glad you enjoyed it. All of Sparks's books in this series are a lot of fun to read. Sands also writes very funny books.

      I agree -- this idea is very a very clever one. Of course, the bad vamps won't drink the synthetic blood. That's why the good vamps have to go after them. They want to make sure that the Malcontents (very appropriate and funny name, because they're not 'content' with the synth blood) don't bite AND drain humans.

      I know most guys (except Nicholas Sparks, for one -- no relation to Kerrelyn Sparks) are not into romance, but if you ever want to read a really entertaining book, pick up one of the vampire romances by either of these two authors. You'll have some great laughs! And after you're done, you can pass the book on to your wife. I don't know if she likes this type of reading, but I think she, too, will laugh and have a good time with it!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

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    I have 2 blogs where I review books.

    This is he link for my answer:

  4. I finally got my link posted in the Book Blogger Hop List.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
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  5. I have read a funny-Ish Vampire book called Bloodshot by Cherie Priest. You should check it out. I might get this one. Thanks.


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