Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday #39: Falling Kingdoms, by Morgan Rhodes

This is a weekly book meme, hosted by
which features future releases that
we book bloggers
are eagerly anticipating!

Here's my pick for
this week!!

(pen name of Michelle Rowen)
Hardcover, 400 pages
Expected Publication:
December 11, 2012
Genre: YA Fantasy

From the Goodreads Synopsis

In a land where magic has been forgotten but peace has reigned for centuries, a deadly unrest is simmering. Three kingdoms grapple for power—brutally transforming their subjects’ lives in the process. Amidst betrayals, bargains, and battles, four young people find their fates forever intertwined.

The only outcome that’s certain is that kingdoms
will fall. Who will emerge triumphant when all they know has collapsed?

This certainly sounds like
wonderfully exciting read!
I love anything to do with
magical kingdoms
and young heroes and heroines!
Besides, this cover
attracted me right away, not only
because of its vibrant composition
and the title's striking lettering,
but also because of that
most lovely of all the colors
of the rainbow...

What fascinating books
are you all  eagerly anticipating
this week?
And what do you think
of my choice?


  1. This book sound so good ... I will make sure to check it out soon ... thanks for sharing and great pick :D

    1. Hi, Lilly!

      I'm glad you've found out about this book through my post. Thanks for commenting!! : )

  2. A great pick - love the genre but the premise is appetizing

    My WoW

    @TCAbn The Motley Chronicles

    1. Hi, Thomas!

      Glad you liked my pick! I love fantasy of all types, whether adult or YA!

      I'll be visiting your WOW. Thanks for commenting!! : )

  3. Replies
    1. Hi, Tara! I'm so glad you share my enthusiasm!! I'll be visiting your blog, especially since I'm a HUGE Tolkien fan!! Thanks for the comment!! : )

  4. ooh..fates intertwined sounds intriguing! Here is My WoW

    1. Hi, Kimba! Yes, it IS indeed intriguing! I'll be visiting your WOW. Thanks for commenting!! : )

  5. Enjoy! your choice.


    1. Hi, there! Oh, I certainly will! Thanks for commenting!! : )

  6. This sounds wonderful! I love YA fantasy so I am excited about this now. Thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

    1. Hi, Jennifer! Yes, I can't WAIT to get my greedy little bookworm's hands on this one!! Lol. Thanks for the comment!! : )


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