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Shelf Candy Saturday #18: Darkness Falls, by Jessica Sorensen

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The purpose of this feature is to display
a beautiful book cover,
with information, if available,
about the cover illustrator,
photographer, and/or designer.

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Here's my pick for this week!

Paperback, 286 pages
April 20, 2012
Genres: Dystopian Fiction,
Urban Fantasy,Young Adult

Why do I love this cover?

The design is a very dynamic, deceptively simple one, which makes a very bold statement.  I especially like the repeating circular shapes.  I've always loved circles, so covers incorporating this shape into their design instantly attract me.

The girl is standing in front of a circular opening which looks out onto a mysterious landscape dominated by a huge moon.  The shape of the opening, located in what I presume to be a tunnel, is echoed by the moon, adding to the power of the whole design.  The girl is framed by the two circles, so she certainly stands out!  The birds flying in the distance, with the moon as backdrop, add to the mystery of this gorgeous cover, as does the mist at the bottom of the tunnel opening.

The girl is carrying a samurai sword, which she's ready to pull out and wield.  She glances warily back at the viewer, ready for action.  The look in her eyes seems to be a warning, too; don't underestimate what she can do!  It's obvious that she has turned her head quickly, because of the swirling of her hair.  I love this!  It adds to the cover's realism. 

The color scheme is mostly gray, which is not one of my favorite colors, although I do think it's very effectively used here.   The picture available on the illustrator's website shows that the outer rim of the circular opening is a bright blue, which extends to the landscape beyond.  Unfortunately, I was unable to copy and paste that illustration here, but you can see it on the site. 

I also like the contrast of the predominantly somber colors with the burnt sienna-colored letters of the title, which make it pop right out.   The font is an appropriately stark, dramatic one, too.

If you click on the book's title above, you'll be taken to a synopsis of the novel, which is as exciting as the cover promises it to be!   I'm planning to buy it just as soon as I possibly can!

Although this novel is not currently
part of my collection,
I was easily able to obtain
information about
the very talented designer!
Her name is Regina Wamba,
and I know about her
thanks to Cambria Hebert,
since Regina designed the cover
of Masquerade, one of Cambria's books.
She has also designed the
cover of the upcoming sequel,

You can view more of
Regina's amazing book covers
at her website,

You can find Regina's Facebook page

So what do you think 
of this cover?
What beautiful cover(s) 
are you featuring this week?


  1. This is a great choice. I love covers with bad a__ girls. Girl power! The fog, birds, moon and the girls hair all add to the overall appearance. Thanks for sharing it, Maria.

    1. Hey, Steph!! Yeah, I love kick-butt heroines, too! Glad you agree! The elements of this cover design just fit in perfectly together. Can't wait to dive into this one!!

      You're welcome for the share, and thank you for the nice comment!! : )

  2. What a great cover. It gives off a strong warrior aura for the book.

    1. Hi, Jenn! Glad you like this cover!! Interesting that you mention an aura. Maybe that's also what the circular shapes represent. for thought!

      Thanks for the great comment!! : )

  3. I really like this cover. It's dark, bold and promises action. The girl just looks so kick-ass. She's got this don't-mess-with-me stare on her face and the hand on her sword tells me that she'll follow that stare up with action if she has to. I also like the moon and the bats in the background. They make me wonder if this book'll have a paranormal edge to it. Nice choice :)

    1. Hi, Kimmberley! Yes, this is an AWESOME cover. And that girl is certainly nobody to be messed with! Lol. As you suspected, the book has a paranormal component. I think it'll rock!

      Thanks for the great comment!! : )


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