Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Movie Still from "Breaking Dawn: Part 1"!!

Summit Entertainment has just released another
new still from the upcoming
Breaking Dawn movie -- part 1!!!!!

The film, eagerly and obsessively awaited
by all true Twi-hards (such as "moi"),
will be out in November of this year!!!!
The second part will not be out, alas, until
November of 2012.
This is because the last book of The Twilight Saga
is so long, and so many events take place in it.
The studio wanted to do justice to all of it,
hence the two-part filming.

The same thing was done with the Harry Potter series.
The last book, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows,
was also filmed in two parts.

The really wonderful thing about this particular still
is that Bella's engagement ring
is quite visible in it!!
Such a very pleasant thing to see indeed, for all of us
super romantic Cullen fans!!!!!!

I have already made plans to see this movie!!
My husband and I will most likely go
to "CineBistro" -- a unique concept in movie-going,
here in South Florida.
You sit in very comfy, reclining movie seats,
and can order from a menu
while the previews are playing!
Then you can enjoy your meal
(with a bit of champagne, if you so desire),
while you watch Edward and Bella
give each other sultry looks on the screen!!!!

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