Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Giveaway Win!!!!

Yes, indeed, I am the declared winner of another giveaway,
this one hosted by Books Ahoy!!
I can't believe it!!
This time, I have won not one,
but three books!!!!

These novels are part of
 The Clockwork Dark Trilogy,
written by American author John Claude Bemis,
and are fantasy tales
of an entirely different order.
They are based on American myths and folklore,
like the legends of John Henry,
for example.  They also feature trains,
something that the author has long been fascinated by.

This first volume introduces the reader to
twelve-year-old Ray, who is an orphan haunted by memories of his father.
He jumps from a train going through the Southern states,
and ends up on a medicine show train.
The performers turn out to be superheroes fighting
an ancient evil known as the Gog....

In this second volume, we discover that there is a Darkness
spreading across Kansas.
It turns good people into bad,  and poisons anyone
who tries to escape.
Ray is now a Rambler, and leads his friends into 
the very heart of the Darkness, on a quest
to find the legendary Wolf Tree, 
which is important to fighting this mysterious evil....

In the final book of the series,
Ray and his friends confront the Gog once again,
at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago,
where they must prevent him from
using machines to control the world and human souls!

All this sounds just absolutely exciting!
I am breathlessly awaiting
the arrival of these books!

For more information on the author,
just visit

The first two books can be purchased on Amazon.

Find The Nine Pound Hammer here.

Find The Wolf Tree here.

The third book, The White City, will be released on
August 23, 2011.

Find it here.
Since this one isn't out yet, I will be getting
an ARC to review.  Hurray!!

I am so very happy to be receiving these books!!!
It seems that, ever since I began
blogging about books,
my luck has turned!
I never used to win anything!!

Stay tuned for my reviews!!!



  1. hi Maria! congratulations for winning all those books! awesome. enjoy and have a great week! hasta luego! c",)

  2. Hi, ao!! Yes, I'm VERY happy about this!! Thanks for the visit and the comment!

    Gotta drop by your blog and see what's new! : )


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