Thursday, November 26, 2015

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! GREAT Romance Reads for the Holidays!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!!

I'm wishing all of my readers,
whatever country you're in,
a wonderful day!!
Although Thanksgiving is
an American holiday,
the idea of thanking a Higher Power
for the blessings we enjoy
is one that has universal applicability.

What am I thankful for?

I'm very thankful for all the things treasured by all of us -- family, health, and a roof over my head, especially in these stressful economic times!

I'm especially thankful for all the books and authors that have inspired and entertained me
over the years!!

Here are some GREAT holiday romance reads!!

Happy Reading!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Truth Spell, by Anita Oh: Book Blitz and Giveaway!!

Welcome to the tour blitz for
The Truth Spell,
sponsored by
YA Bound Book Tours!!

For my stop, I'm featuring a mini-review along with an excerpt!
There's also a blitz-wide giveaway!!

The Truth Spell
(Werewolf High, Book One)
Anita Oh
Kindle Edition, 128 pages
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
November 21, 2015
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy,
Young Adult Fiction

Amazon US/Amazon UK
Amazon CA

The Truth Spell is now on sale on
Amazon  US for $.99!!

As soon as I stepped onto the grounds of Amaris High, I knew I'd made a big mistake. I could never fit in at such a snobbish school – I was more IT girl than "it girl". But then I saw him.

Sam Spencer. My childhood best friend. But it couldn't be. Sam Spencer had died three years ago, on the night that changed everything. I need to know what happened, why he's suddenly not dead and is hanging out with a bunch of rich kids.

When the school is hit by a truth spell, it seems like the perfect chance to find out what Sam and his creepy new friends are hiding, but the weirder things get, the less I'm sure I want to know. Even for Sam, even for the free food, Amaris High might be more trouble than it's worth.

NOTE: This mini-review is of the short excerpt
shown below, and not of
the entire book.

I love it when an author is able to hook in a reader in one brief scene. That's what Anita Oh has accomplished here. With a few deft strokes, she has suddenly plunged the reader into the dynamics of the situation, giving us a glimpse of the personality of the book's heroine.
I love Oh's description of Sam: "Rather than moonlight, he seemed formed from a supernova, from the chaos of total destruction....." We thus get a glimpse into his personality, as well.
This scene is very compelling, not only because of the character depictions, but also due to the puzzle that confronts the narrator: someone she thought had died three years previously, is suddenly standing right in front of her -- very much alive.
Oh, the suspense!! (Pun intended)
In short, I know I'm going to devour this novel!
(And that cover is absolutely stunning!)

The water danced in the fountain, and between beams of refracted light, they appeared.
There were four of them. Even in silhouette they were impressive -- the girl with long, straight hair and just the right amount of curves, the boys tall and broad-shouldered. They emitted charisma like a beacon, confident and untouchable. One of the boys turned to another and his eyes flashed in the sunlight.
He had an ethereal type of beauty, but there was an edge to it, a wildness. Rather than moonlight, he seemed formed from a supernova, from the chaos of total destruction, and I could well believe that if you got too close to him, you'd be pulled in, you'd collapse on yourself. 
As he turned, I caught a glimpse of the boy standing behind him.
But it couldn't be.
It looked like him, with his floppy brown hair and puppy-dog eyes, and smile so bright it could melt icecaps. But it couldn't be. It couldn't be Sam Spencer, because he had died three years ago, on the night that had changed everything.
But then, why was he standing right in front of me?

After several years in the warm, comforting cocoon of fandom, Anita has decided to see what's up with this real world she's heard about. Judgment is reserved until more information can be gathered.
Anita likes dogs, naps, food, and Japanese idol group Arashi. Everything else can be improved when combined with these four things.
Anita lives with a grumpy beagle who bosses her around terribly, and won't even snuggle.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Heading Out to the Miami Book Fair Today!!

Each year, Miami Dade College, which is located in downtown Miami, Florida, USA, hosts a book fair that is attended by people from all over the world, and a lot of locals, as well. As you can see from the button above, this year, more than 600 authors will be present!

Believe me, this is a HUGE thing to us book-loving Miamians, and we are justifiably proud of this yearly event! This is equivalent to BEA up in NYC! Eat your heart out, New York!!  

There are SO many things going on at the book fair! The visiting authors will be giving presentations and doing book signings. Some of these author events are held in English, and others in Spanish. Since I am fluent in Spanish, I can go to both such events. 

I've been searching through the list of authors, and I have found at least two YA authors who will be present -- Becca Fitzpatrick, author of the Hush, Hush series, and Melissa de la Cruz, author of the Blue Bloods series! Of course, I will definitely make a beeline for their presentations, and purchase books signed by them!!  

Although the fair actually began last Sunday, Nov. 15th, I'm only able to go to the street fair, whenever I do attend. That's because I have a night job -- from 4:00 to 9:30 PM, Monday through Thursday. I could have gone yesterday if I hadn't had to go get my hair done..... Lol.

I love the weekend street fair, though, because there are lots and lots of exhibitors, from used book sellers to sellers of antique and collectible books. Of course, there are author events during the weekend, as well.

Aside from those precious objects -- books -- and author events, there's also live music, children's events (there's even a children's area), and FOOD. There are different types of food, from several countries. 

The only downside to this fair is that it can be dangerous to the bookworm's bank account. I'm only taking my debit card, and some cash. I'm hoping to be able to control myself.....

Here are some pictures I took when I went to the 2013 fair. Unfortunately, I am not able to go every single year, so I missed the 2014 fair.

YA Authors Kami Garcia, Holly Black, 
Alex Flinn, and Lauren Oliver

Stay tuned for a full report next Saturday, in which I will also show off my guilty purchases! Of course, along with that, I will post new pictures from this year's fair! I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to get to meet some famous authors, especially the two mentioned above!

And.....if you live in Miami, maybe we'll run into each other at the fair!!  

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Feature & Follow Friday #16: Teleporting Into a Favorite Book

Welcome to Feature & Follow Friday!!

This weekly hop is hosted by  
Rachel @ Parajunkee's View, and 
Alison @ Alison Can Read!!

You can find the rules at the links above.
Join in the fun and make new blogging friends!

Every week, 1 or 2 new blogs 
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This week's featured blog
Twin Spin!!

Here is this week's question:

If you could teleport into ANY
story, which would you choose ?

Contributed by
Life Is Reading 

There are many obvious YA choices that I would like to list. Of course, who wouldn't want to teleport into the Harry Potter series, for example? Another great choice, in my opinion, would be The Twilight Saga. 

However, I'll mention a book that maybe few people might think of. This particular novel means a lot to me, for several reasons. It's Die For Me, by Amy Plum.

The main characters in Die For Me are instantly attracted to each other, and their relationship is poignant, as well as bittersweet, which might seem like a common feature of YA novels. However, the plot is entirely original, and it involves revenants. These creatures are similar to zombies, except that they look like normal, ordinary people, instead of rotting corpses, and they don't eat humans. Instead, they actually save them. In order to do this, they must even die -- again and again....this is, in fact, their duty.

Vincent is a revenant, and he falls in love with a human girl named Kate. She and her sister have moved to Paris in order to deal with some very painful memories. 

I'm fascinated by Plum's very unique concept, and I love that she set the story in Paris, which is one of my favorite cities. (Sadly, that city is currently undergoing a very tragic, difficult time....) The combination of the revenant culture -- which is totally fascinating -- and this very romantic city is just mesmerizing, and I was totally immersed in this story as I read it! 

So I'd love to be able to teleport right into the plot, and be one of the characters. I would either be a revenant myself, or be in love with a male revenant.

Another reason I'd love to be part of this story is so that I could be Kate's friend, and enjoy all the art museums right along with her! I'd also discuss literary classics with her. In this novel, she's reading To Kill A Mockingbird and The Age of Innocence, and she's doing so in quaint little French cafés.....Geez, I've always wanted to do that kind of thing!

Yet another reason I'd love to jump into this story is that Kate and her sister, Georgia, have the most lovable French grandparents you could ever wish for!  They are so wonderful to their granddaughters!

This book really should be made into a movie, and so should the sequels! I'd go see them all as soon as they were released!!  

If you're interested, you can read 
my review HERE.

Next Week's Question

Black Friday Eve! You have $100 (or pounds or whatever your currency is) to spend on books. 
What are you going to buy?

Contributed by

Alison Can Read

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Waiting On Wednesday #149: Imprudence, by Gail Carriger

This is a weekly event hosted by
It showcases future releases which
we book bloggers
are eagerly anticipating!!

Here's my choice for this week!

(The Custard Protocol, Book 2)
Hardcover, 320 pages
July 5, 2016
Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Humor,
Paranormal Fiction,
Science Fiction, Steampunk,
Young Adult Fiction

London is in chaos.

Rue and the crew of The Spotted Custard returned from India with revelations that shook the foundations of the scientific community. There is mass political upheaval, the vampires are tetchy, and something is seriously wrong with the local werewolf pack. To top it all off, Rue’s best friend Primrose keeps getting engaged to the most inappropriate military types.

Rue has got personal problems as well. Her vampire father is angry, her werewolf father is crazy, and her obstreperous mother is both. Worst of all, Rue’s beginning to suspect what they all really are… is frightened.

When the Custard is ordered to Egypt, transporting some highly unusual passengers, Rue’s problems go from personal to impossible. Can she get Percy to stop sulking? Will she find the true cause of Primrose’s lovesickness? And what is Quesnel hiding in the boiler room?


Why I'm waiting on this one!

I'm currently reading Prudence, the
first volume in this series, and
enjoying it immensely!!
This book is such a wonderfully creative,
simply spiffing combination of
genres! Everything comes together just
perfectly, too!
The back cover of the book compares
Carriger to Jane Austen and
P.G. Wodehouse.
I totally agree, as her witty dialogues
and tongue-in-cheek humor
are SO quintessentially British!
This author is fast becoming
one of my favorites, and
so is this series!!

What do you think of my choice?
Leave your link below, so I can
come check out your pick(s)!