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Book Blogger Hop No. 137: Bookish Nocturnal Dreams and Daydreams

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This Week's Question

Have you ever had a bookish, nocturnal dream? If so, please share the story.
If not, have you ever had a daydream
related to books? If so, please tell
us about it.

(Submitted  by Maria @

My Answer

As for the first part of today's question (which I thought of in a moment of peace and quiet in my otherwise busy life), I don't usually remember my dreams. However, I do remember a recent one -- although rather vaguely -- in which one of my classmates (I think I was in middle school or high school in the dream) had apparently claimed one of my Harry Potter books as her own, and I was trying to get it back. Lol. I'm not making this up, either! I really had this dream. I wish I had written it down right away, though, because I don't remember much, at this point. I do remember one detail, however. I was VERY upset when I found out that my beloved book was missing! Lol.

As for the second part of this question, I have had two bookish daydreams for a long time, although they've been in the back of my mind for a while now. In other words, I haven't really fantasized about them recently. The first one is to write a fantasy novel. The second one is to own and operate my own independent bookstore. 

Both of these daydreams would be a bit hard for me to make a reality. The first one -- writing a novel -- seems very intimidating to me. I've written some fan fiction in the past, and I know just how hard it can be to do plotting, as well as write good dialogue. And this was with other people's characters! I don't know how well I would do these things with my own original characters..... Maybe I just need to REALLY get into it. The thing is, I'm immobilized by the thought that readers might not like my novel and future (if any) novels. So I need to work on overcoming this fear. Somehow.

If I ever do start writing, though, and actually finish a novel, then the problem of publishing comes up. Would I prefer to self-publish, or submit my novel to traditional publishers? (And thereby start collecting rejection slips, I'll bet!) I don't know, at this point. Of course, I have to actually FINISH a novel, first! Lol.

As for the second daydream, I would definitely need some upfront money in order to open my own bookstore. Opening up one's own business does take quite a bit of money, no matter what type of business it is. With a bookstore, I would not only have to find good retail space (renting such space is, needless to say, VERY expensive), but I would also have to find a supplier. And would I want a regular bookstore, or a used books bookstore? Would I want to specialize, catering to a particular market and demographic? There are many practical aspects to consider, and these give me pause. Then, of course, there's the problem of selling enough books to stay afloat, in the first and second years, and then, hopefully, start making a profit. But there would be plenty of competition -- Barnes and Noble, for example, Books and Books (an existing Indie bookstore that is fast becoming a chain), Amazon and eBay....AND even Books-A-Million!

I might come to realize the first daydream one of these days, if I get up enough courage to actually start writing. As for the second, I seriously doubt that I could ever make it a reality. I just don't have enough money. It IS a nice daydream to have, though.....

Well, there you have it! These are my bookish nocturnal dream and two bookish daydreams! I'm sure many of you bookworms out there -- whether or not you blog about books -- can relate to at least one of my two daydreams! 

Sweet dreams (whether day or night) to you all!!  :)

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  1. Excellent post as usual Maria. This is such an interesting topic. I also do not often remember dreams. I wonder if I do have bookish dreams that I do not remember.

    Umberto Eco‘s The Name of Rose has been a source of bookish daydreams for me. The book envisioned a giant library filled witch ancient books. If I recall there was a secret toon that contained secret books. I sometimes daydream of running a place similar to that!

    1. Hi, Brian!

      Thanks so much for the compliments on the post and the topic!! <3 <3

      I think most people don't usually remember their dreams. Besides, if one doesn't write down what took place in the dream, immediately upon waking, the details get fuzzy pretty quickly. So I'm willing to bet you've had bookish dreams, but just don't remember them.

      Oh, a giant library!!! Yes, that's a GREAT daydream!! This reminds me of the giant library owned by the Beast in Disney's cartoon version of "Beauty and the Beast". I don't know if they also have this in the real actor movie, since I haven't seen it. And I've only seen snippets of the cartoon movie. But I do remember that library!! That is a VERY appealing daydream. I really need to read Eco's book!!

      Thanks for the GREAT comment!! TGIF!!! <3 :)

  2. I would love to read a novel by you. Hope you find time to write one someday!

    1. Hi, Barb!

      Awww.....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! <3 <3 <3

      I don't know if I'll EVER get up the courage to actually write a novel.... I've made some attempts in the past, and never got very far. It's not an easy thing to do. And I'm such a perfectionist, I might end up rewriting endlessly.....Lol. But you never know! :) :)

      Thanks for the nice comment!! HUGS TO YOU AND THE BOYS, AND WOOF, WOOF TO THEM!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

  3. I LOVE your night dream. That would be upsetting about losing a book.

    I think I misread the question. I do daydream of writing a book. :)

    Your book would FAB!!

    Thanks for another great question, Maria, and for stopping by my blog.

    1. Hi, Elizabeth!

      Yeah, it's DEFINITELY upsetting to lose a book, and ESPECIALLY a beloved one!! :)

      Oh, so you daydream about writing a book, too? AWESOME!! It would be GREAT if you actually did that! I think most of us who daydream about doing this just lack the courage to actually plunge in. I've had several "false starts", where I did begin to write a novel, but quickly got discouraged, and didn't continue. But thanks for saying that my novel would be FAB!!! <3 <3 <3

      You're welcome for the question, as well as for the visit to your blog! And thanks to YOU for the compliments and nice comment!! HUGS!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

    2. Yes...I would LOVE to write a book, but I have no idea what the topic would be.

      ENJOY the rest of your day, dear friend.

    3. Thanks, Elizabeth!! Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!! HUGS!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

  4. I would be upset if I found out one of my Harry Potter books was missing too, even if it was in a dream and I'd probably forever hate the classmate that took it in real life (I sometimes get really mad at my husband when the dream version of him is a jerk).

    I agree that opening a bookstore would be quite difficult but also so much fun (if you could find just the right niche...Maybe it would be best as like a gourmet coffee shop/bakery with a small-ish selection of indie books, best done in a small touristy town where the old folk locals come in to drink coffee every morning at breakfast time because what else are they going to do, and then the tourists stop in because the storefront is just so cute and quaint...or maybe just make this store a reality in a book.

    Have a great weekend. - Katie

    1. Hi, Katie!

      Yeah, I WAS upset! But none of the classmates I saw in the dream -- vaguely, though -- are in my real life, because I'm way past middle school and high school. Lol. I do remember that having my beloved HP book stolen felt VERY real, though! :)

      Yeah, opening a bookstore would a LOT of fun, but there are just TOO many variables to consider, and they ALL take having quite a bit of I think I'll go the other route you've mentioned -- write about the bookstore in a book! Lol. Thanks for the plot device!

      Since I'm writing this on Sunday night, I sure hope you had a nice weekend! Thanks for commenting!! <3 :)

  5. I'm pretty sure I've had bookish, nocturnal dreams in the past but none that I can still remember. Most of my dreams are really weird, though. If you ever do end up writing a novel you can count on me to read it. ;)


    1. Hi, Steph!

      Oh, dreams are usually VERY weird! When you wake up, you scratch your head and wonder about them -- that is, when you remember them! Lol. The next I have one I DO remember, I'll be SURE to write it down!'re so sweet.... THANK YOU!!! I would be honored if you were to read a novel I wrote!! <3 <3

      Thank you for such a nice comment!! HUGS!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

  6. Those are two very impressive bookish dreams! I hope you realize the novel part. Even if you decide not to publish at all I imagine just the writing would be satisfying if you're drawn to do that. I have no interest in opening a bookstore but I wish more people would want to because I'd love to have more book shopping options that are indie!

    1. Hi, Katherine!

      Thank you!! :) :)

      It sure looks like the novel writing daydream has more of a chance of coming true than the bookstore daydream. Starting a business is by no means easy! If I could move to a small, picturesque town near the beach, where there wouldn't be much competition from other, larger, bookstores, then it might work. (This was suggested by Katie, from the blog JUST ANOTHER GIRL AND HER BOOKS, in her comment above.) Oh, that sounds SO nice.....sigh...

      I think I should buckle down and just start writing. My problem is discipline, as well as persistence. When I hit a plot snag, I don't know how to continue.... But this has been my daydream for quite a few years now, so I think it would be a good idea to just DO it. Lol. I could just write for some time, and then, if I think something looks pretty good, go ahead and publish it. And I would probably go with self-publishing, too. The thought of getting rejection slips in the mail makes me VERY uncomfortable.... :)

      Thanks for the nice comment!!! <3 :)

  7. Perhaps a job in a bookshop would be enough to fill your craving? No having to do the paperwork or worry about profits? Just working with books. 😏

    As for the other daydream, it’s true that published writers need thick skins. Not only rejection slips - everyone not self publishing gets those and they have to worry about sales - but reviews. Just check out Goodreads some time, never mind blogs, newspapers, etc. so e dreadful things are said! All you can do is give th m the thumb and keep going. But to be reviewed or even rejected, you have to write something! In the words of Bjo Trimble - of whom you will know, as a Trek fan - you should treasure your rejection slips. They prove you’re a writer. Only writers get rejection slips. I heard her speak at a convention here in Oz once, and she suggested a whole lot of markets I’d never considered. But you have to write first, eh? 😁

    1. Hi, Sue!

      Yeah, that's a thought....however, I would probably have to be on my feet a lot, and I can't do that for very long. On the other hand, not having to deal with the paperwork would be GREAT! I have in fact checked into working at my local Barnes & Noble, but the pay is only $9.99 an hour. Not exactly living wages, you know? Lol. Heck, I make MORE money teaching ESOL part-time to adults, at one of the local high schools! And I only work 22 hours a week. :)

      Yeah, those rejection slips....and oh, the reviews!! I had not thought about THOSE!! If I were to actually publish something, I would probably only read the positive reviews. But yeah, I know, you can always learn something from negative reviews. However, some reviewers can be downright MEAN. I've read reviews in which they personally attack authors! There's really NO need to do that sort of thing, but, if one has been writing for some time, I guess it's unavoidable, huh?

      Of course I know who Bjo Trimble is!! Are Vulcans logical? Are tribbles cute and cuddly, and reproduce like rabbits? LOL. Trimble definitely has a point! (No pun about pointed ears intended, lol.)

      I guess I should just DO IT. Lol. But I can get SO easily discouraged..... Then again, you never know.... If I do in future decide to publish something, I'll DEFINITELY go the self-publishing route. And who knows? Maybe people will read it in a galaxy far, far away.....LOL.

      Live long and prosper!! May the Force be with you!! And thanks for commenting, fellow Earthling!! HUGS!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :)

  8. I hope your dream-self got the book back in the end!

    1. Hi, Nicki!

      You know, I really don't remember if I got the book back or not....LOL. Gee, if that happened in REAL life, the person wouldn't know what hit them, as I'd zap them with a Hogwarts spell pretty quickly! Lol.

      Thanks for commenting!! <3 :)

  9. lol... what an enjoyable post, Maria! Though having a student snaffle one of your favourite books sounds more like a nightmare. I love writing - and yes, rejection slips by the cartful and now I'm self-publishing, trying to advertise, build up a fan base and hunt down those elusive reviews - as well as trying to write the next one... Is it worth it? To be honest, I really don't know. All I do know is that I cannot NOT write, anymore - it's an addiction. So by all means follow it if it really is your dream - and it can be delightful hobby, but if you mean to write a book and follow it through, do know it will upend your life:).

    As for your topic - I regularly dream of books I'm reading if I really love them and when I'm writing, I always dream of them. Sometimes I get vivid dreams that are the start of something new, too. It's why I don't read horror!

    1. Hi, Sarah!

      Oh, gosh, THANK YOU!! So nice of you to say that!! <3 <3

      You know, now that you've mentioned that writing is an ADDICTION for you.... I have this addiction, too, but only in regards to my blogging. I have NO problem whatsoever writing blog posts such as this one, or book reviews, either. But when it comes to actually developing a story? I FREEZE. Either that, or I am able to venture along for a while, and then I hit a WALL. This is what's happened to me with my fan fiction. I've written some Phantom of the Opera stories, and published them online. I've done the same with Twilight. Although I've written several of these, only two of them are actually finished. They're both one-shots, too. The longer ones have remained unfinished. :(

      I think that I would DEFINITELY go with self-publishing, if I were to actually get that far. And then, maybe, if I happened to write something REALLY good, it would take off, and then it would be picked up by one of the big publishers.... That's EXACTLY what happened with Amanda Hocking. She started out self-publishing her novels, and they were later published by a traditional publisher -- St. Martin's Griffin.

      Oh, you're SO lucky to be able to remember your dreams!! It's only rarely that I remember mine. :( I wish I could remember more of them, too, because, as you say, a dream could be the start of a novel! That was the way Stephenie Meyer came up with The Twilight Saga.

      I'm just like you -- I avoid horror novels (and movies) like the plague!! I did read one recently, though -- "Dread Nation", by Justina Ireland, but I would classify it as "horror lite". LOL. I won't read Stephen King, for example!! :) :)

      Thanks so much for the GREAT comment!! HUGS!!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :)


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