Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Book Blitz!! Electric Gardens, by M. Black

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Electric Gardens
(Electric World, Book 1)
M. Black
Trade Paperback, 219 pages
March 24, 2018
Kindle Edition, 221 pages
March 22, 2018
Dystopian Fiction, Science Fiction,
Young Adult Fiction

After several world catastrophes, robots called 'Tins' have come to power.

Lexi019 knows them well. She's lived inside of a Compound ruled by Tins for the past twelve years, and maintains a strict schedule. After attending Electric Gardens classes, she learns that she will transferred, as all seventeen-year-olds are, to serve the gardens for the rest of her life.

Instead, Lexi defies the Tins and looks for a way out. With her best guy Kyle53 at her side, and a couple of unlikely friends, Lexi eventually finds her way out of the Compound.

But in the end, can she escape... or like all things in this artificial, post-apocalyptic world, be stuck under the Tins' power forever?

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Four-Book Electric World Series
Electric Gardens
Electric Grids
Electric Wars
Electric Ends

M.Black is a TOP #100 Amazon Bestseller. She is the author of Exotiqa World (Cyberpunk Dystopia), Graph World (SFF Post-Apocalyptic), Sim World (SciFi Dystopia Post-Apocalyptic) and Electric World (Robot Post-Apocalyptic).

A semi-finalist author in the Lauren Hemingway Contest, she is now published with Creativia. 

Enter Tomorrow with M. Black is a collection of YA and NA Dystopias or Post-Apocalyptic stories with a healthy dose of SyFy, Fantasy, Future Tech or Robots.

Her books are socially relevant, original, dark & sexy, with characters that dig into your heart, and plot lines that really do surprise. Stories focus on robots, AI, SIMS, genetics, climate, environment, wildlife, grafting, social divisions, neural laces, and future tech.

M.Black is passionate about the Earth, animals, robots and technology. You will find all of these concepts as parts of the themes used in her brand of books Enter Tomorrow.

M. Black loves to explore future worlds that are falling apart and she likes to keep the reader guessing.

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