Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Can't Wait Wednesday No. 13: Seeker, by Veronica Rossi

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Here's my choice for this week!

(Riders, Book 2)
Veronica Rossi
Hardcover,  352 pages
Tor Teen
May 16, 2017 
Dystopian Fiction, Fantasy, Mythology,
Romance, Science Fiction, 
Young Adult Fiction

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Veronica Rossi's new fantasy adventure in the Rider series—Seeker .

When Daryn claimed she was seeing visions during her sophomore year of high school, no one believed the truth. She wasn't losing her mind, she was gaining the Sight the ability to see the future. If she just paid attention to the visions, they'd provide her with clues and show her how she could help people. Really help them. Daryn embraced her role as a Seeker. The work she did was important. She saved lives.

Until Sebastian.

Sebastian was her first and worst mistake.

Since the moment she inadvertently sealed him in a dark dimension with Samrael the last surviving demon in the Kindred guilt has plagued her. Daryn knows Sebastian is alive and waiting for help. It's up to her to rescue him. But now that she needs the Sight more than ever to guide her, the visions have stopped.

Daryn must rely on her instincts, her intelligence, and on blind faith to lead the riders who are counting on her in search of Sebastian. As they delve into a shadowy realm where nothing is as it seems and where Samrael is steadily amassing power, Daryn faces the ultimate test. Will she have to become evil to destroy evil? The very fate of humankind rests in the answer.

Why I can't wait for this one!

Since I'm a HUGE horse-loving fanatic, that GORGEOUS cover was the very first thing that caught my eye!! Then, of course, that AMAZING plot clinched it!! Now I DESPERATELY WANT this novel!! Besides, the plot raises the all-important question of ethics. Will the good guys (and gals) REALLY have to fight evil with evil? Inquiring literary fans such as me want to know! (Of course, I need to read the first book

Be sure to check out Book 1
in this series!!

Veronica Rossi is a best selling author of fiction for young adults. Her debut novel, Under the Never Sky, was the first in a post-apocalyptic trilogy. Released in January 2012, it was deemed one of the Best Books of Year by School Library Journal. The series appeared in the NY Times and USA Today best seller lists and was published in over 25 foreign markets.

Her second series for young adults began with Riders (published February 16, 2016), the story of four modern-day teens who become incarnations of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and the prophetic girl who brings them together.

Veronica completed her undergraduate studies at UCLA and then went on to study Fine Arts at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. She is a lifelong reader and artist. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she has lived in Mexico, Venezuela, and all over the United States, to finally settle in Northern California with her husband and two sons.

When not writing, Veronica enjoys reading (it’s worth repeating), painting, and running. She does NOT like anything involving numbers, the addition of them, subtraction of them, you name it. They terrify her. Her obsessions generally lead to fictional works. Currently, she’s exploring New York City during the Revolutionary War.


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  1. Maria! OMG, the first thing that peopped into my head when I saw the cover was this beauty: Who mind you, I saw randomly on Facebook this morning! Frederik is GORGEOUS. As is the cover. Very very cool choice! Here is mine:

    1. Hi, Verushka!

      I just visited the link you left in your comment, and was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY!!!!! I had seen this horse before, on Facebook, but had no idea what his name was, or what breed he belonged to. Now I know, thanks to YOU!!!! What a GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS animal!!!! OMG. OMG. OMG. THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME THIS LINK!!! My horse obsession has just kicked into high gear!!!! LOL. How I would LOVE to have a horse like Frederik!!!

      You know, I ESPECIALLY love the side-by-side comparison of a photo of Frederik with a photo of Fabio Lanzoni, the HUNK who has graced many a romance novel cover!!! Well, handsome men ARE like magnificent stallions...AHEM. (Gotta go turn on the fan, it suddenly got too hot in here, lol.)

      You are SO right -- there is a marked similarity between the horse on this cover and the world's most handsome stallion. (BTW, when I first read The Black Stallion books, it was a horse much like Frederik I envisioned, and always wanted to own....or rather, to be owned by!! I have always ADORED black stallions!!!)

      Thank you SO much for this lovely, lovely comment!! You're made my night -- or rather, early morning!!! (It's 12:40 AM here in Miami.) <3 <3 :) :)

  2. I can't believe I haven't heard of this series before, it looks AMAZING!! The plot sounds absolutely thrilling, and the covers are beautiful!! Great choice, Maria, I hope you get to read it soon and LOVE it!
    I haven't read much of Rossi's books, so I'd like to give this one a try. I'll keep an eye out for it at my library :)
    Great pick!! <3 <3 HUGS!! :) :)
    Here's my WoW

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

    1. Hi, Amy!

      Yes, this series DOES look AMAZING!!! I'm glad you love it, too!! The plot is just TERRIFIC, and yes, the covers are really BEAUTIFUL!!

      I sure do hope I can start on this series sometime this year.... Lol.

      Of course, I've heard GREAT things about Rossi's books! I really need to read one soon. It might very well be "Riders"!!

      HUGS RIGHT BACK AT YA!! ,3 <3 :) :)

  3. I actually bought the first one off of Book Outlet a few months back even though I've not read it. I'm a sucker for these covers as well and am excited to have this one when it comes out. I love the concept of it. Nice choice this week.

    Hope you are having great Spring weather your way and that you are getting lots of reading done! The pups send their regards "WOOF WOOF" and sloppy dog kisses!

    1. Hi, Barb!

      Oh, you have the first book? LUCKY you!! Yeah, it sure looks like Book Outlet is the place to go for GREAT book prices!! Perhaps even better than Amazon, huh? Gotta check it out!!

      I'm so glad you love these covers, too!! This one is especially striking, I think! I've LOVED black stallions ever since I read the Walter Farley novels. How I WISH I could have horse like that....sigh....

      Yeah, the weather's been pretty good down here. Some hot temps during the day, but it's been cooling down some at night. I'm NOT looking forward to the June, July, and August, though! Especially NOT August!! We get temps in the 90s! UGH. Well, at least we don't get temps in the 100s, like they do in Phoenix. That would just about KILL me!!

      Send regards back to the pups!! "WOOF, WOOR"!! If I were lucky enough to own a horse, then I'd send you sloppy horse kisses! Lol.

      Thanks for the GREAT comment!! have an AWESOME weekend!! <3 <3 <3 :) :) :) (For you and the boys!!!)

  4. Ooh, great pick! I really enjoyed Riders although I was sad to see that it didn't garner much attention last year. Hopefully with the release of this second book more people will give this series a try!

    1. Hi,there!

      Glad you like my pick!! And how TERRIFIC that you've already read "Riders"!! I'm surprised it didn't get that much attention, seeing as how Rossi is a bestselling author. Oh, well.... I sure hope you're right, and this second book brings more exposure to the series!

      Thanks for the nice comment!! <3 <3 :) :)

  5. I really need to read this series. I hope you enjoy it!

    1. Hi, Tressa!

      Yeah, you REALLY do!! I think you'll enjoy it just as much as I know I will!

      Thanks for commenting back!! <3 :)

  6. Wow! Awesome looking covers! I hope you enjoy these books! Great picks!

    Here’s my WoW !

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog

    1. Hi, Ronyell!

      Yeah, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that cover!! Well, I ADORE horses!! Lol. So I KNOW I'll enjoy this series when I get started on it! Glad you like my picks!!

      Thanks for the nice comment!! <3 :)

  7. YAAASSS! I can't wait to read this book! I loved Riders and I'm sure this book will be excellent. I hope you enjoy this book when you get the chance to read it!

    Have a fabulous week, Maria. =)

    Check out my WoW post!

    1. Hi, Alyssa!

      Oh, I'm SO glad you 're excited about this boo, too!! And you've already read "Riders"? WOW. Now I REALLY want to get started on it!!

      Since I'm a HORSE-OBSESSED FANATIC, I KNOW I'll really enjoy this series!!

      Hope you have a fabulous week, and weekend, too!!

      Thanks for the nice comment!! <3 :)

  8. I feel like I've had a Veronica Rossi book on my TBR ever since I discovered what a TBR is! I may have to start this series knowing you enjoyed it!

    1. Hi, Sam!

      Oh, you're so funny! But yeah, I've heard nothing but GREAT things about Rossi!

      You should start this series! I haven't started it yet myself, but I'm really looking forward to it! Gotta get to the first book first, though! Lol.

      Thanks for the nice comment!! <3 :)

  9. I also love horses, and I really liked Riders, so I can't wait to read Seeker as well :) Awesome WoW pick!

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

    1. Hi, Brittany!

      Oh, you love horses, too?! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! Aren't they the world's MOST BEAUTIFUL animals? Be sure to check out the link Verushka left in her comment above. Your jaw will drop when you get a look at Frederik, the world's handsomest horse! Don't miss it!!

      So happy that you loved my pick!!! And I'm SO VERY happy that you love horses just like I do!!!!!

      Thanks for the very nice comment!! Hope you have a GREAT 'horsey' weekend, if you own a horse!! <3 <3 :) :)

  10. I haven't read any of Veronica's books, but have seen this series around the blogosphere. This WOW reminds me I should perhaps take a closer look at it. Because who doesn't love discovering new stories and authors?? :)

    Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland's WOW last week, Maria! I appreciate it.


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