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Book Blogger Hop No. 87: Reading Ahead for Book Reviews

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How far in advance do you read
the books you have 
scheduled for review?

(Submitted  by Elizabeth @ 

My Answer

It looks like I might finally write a short and sweet Because I just NEVER schedule books for review! I'm very much of a "go with the flow" type of person. I'm not well organized; indeed, this is one of the salient features of my personality. I hate organizing, and I hate schedules! So I don't schedule when I'm going to read certain books. My moods take me wherever they want, in "Readerland"! So, if I'm in the mood to read something romantic, I'll go ahead and do so. If, however, I'm in the mood to get out of our solar system and explore, then I'll do that. And I'm a slow reader, unfortunately, so that means there's NO telling when I'll put up a review! The thing is, I frequently get sidetracked by some interesting book, while in the middle of another. So I'll drop the first one, and go to the second one, lol. Sometimes I come back to the first one, but sometimes I don't.

Another thorny little problem I have is that I'm interested in all kinds of off-the-wall topics that I KNOW people won't be interested in, especially on a YA blog, which is the type of fiction this blog is dedicated to, for the most part. I state "for the most part" because I've given up on making it strictly YA. I'm just too eclectic for that! 

But I was 'saying', there are things I love to read about that I am 100% SURE other people won't be interested in. Therefore, they won't be reading my reviews of these books. So, to follow the logical progression of my argument, as per Mr. Spock, I don't post reviews of such books. Ergo, this creates a scarcity of book reviews on this blog. I do have another blog -- MindSpirit Book Journeys -- where I publish my reviews on all types of intellectual subjects. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to either post very frequently to that blog, or to promote it as I should. I don't do blog tours on it, nor do I participate in giveaways. It's a more....ahem....SERIOUS blog.  It's supposed to be, as I might review books on any topics from the Kaballah to philosophical works, to art, to classic poetry.  As with my first blog, the books I read for my second blog just show up and knock on my mind, so to speak. I let them in, and enjoy, or don't enjoy, in which case, I turn to other books.

When I sign up with a blog tour company to review a book they're promoting (only on A Night's Dream of Books), the story's a little bit different. I make every effort to start on their book as soon as I can, putting aside anything else I might be reading. But it's not the first time I find myself writing a blog tour review the night before the post is to be published! Lol.

So, bottom line, I don't schedule books for review, and have no rhyme or reason for reading books at any particular time. You see, I'm a very right-brained person, although, paradoxically, I can be very left-brained when it comes to writing the actual review. For instance, I tend to write the review just as it comes to my mind, and then I go back and revise. But I frequently revise and revise until I'm satisfied with the review. Sometimes, I even keep 'tweaking' it even after I've already published it! (I tend to do that with other posts, too, such as this one, lol.) That's because I'm a perfectionist when it comes to writing. I think I'm a cross between a Vulcan and a hippie. I don't know what to make of that, but this is who I am! Lol.

Therefore, my next review will be in.....just toss a coin, you get the idea..... (And my post turned out to be a bit longer than I thought it would be, so it really wasn't short. But I certainly hope it was sweet!)

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  1. Another interesting and insightful post Maria.

    As you know I share your tendency to like all kinds of books. It is really a great way to be, but it has some disadvantages. It prevents us from concentrating on specific areas.

    I have written about how I construct elaborate and complicated reading plans that I then proceed to ignore :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Thanks for the good word!! :)

      I totally agree!! It's just that there SO many fascinating reading topics out there -- especially in nonfiction. I frequently have an inner battle going on between fiction and nonfiction books. Being a slow reader doesn't help, either.... And it seems that, just when I want to delve into a particular subject area, I happen to come across ANOTHER that's just as fascinating! Lol.

      You're so funny! I don't even come up with reading plans. I know I won't EVER be able to stick to them! Lol.

      Thanks for the TERRIFIC comment!! Hope you have a great weekend, too!! :) :) :)

  2. A vulcan and a hippie! That is amazing. I so need to use that because that is exactly how I feel. I love the idea of your MindSpirit Book Journeys! I'll have to follow that one. I've had the same issues with my blog. Being eclectic can be a real pain when trying to figure out what to blog about. We're supposed to blog about a certain topic and I just love way too many topics to stop at one.

    Where we are different is in the blogging. I did too many tours when I first started my blog and got bogged down really fast. Then I started making a to do calendar for when reviews are due. I love lists and agendas so this works brilliantly for me.

    Great blogs. :D Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi, Christina!

      Yes, that's me! Lol. That's what popped into my mind when I was thinking of a way to describe my unique way of 'handling' book reviews. :)

      I'm glad you like the concept behind MindSpirit Book Journeys. I just can't stop being eclectic, but I also realize that not everyone will enjoy reading the types of books I do. I've noticed that most bloggers and readers who read blogs don't seem to be interested in nonfiction. I am, though! So that was why I created my second blog. Alas, I don't post to it that much....

      So yeah, I love being eclectic, except for the fact that I just don't have that many readers because of it... :(

      I totally agree that posting too many blog tours can be a bad thing! You DO get bogged down pretty fast! The thing is, once you sign up for a tour, it's a COMMITMENT, even though you're not getting paid to publish the post. But I really feel embarrassed and guilty if I don't publish one of these posts on time....

      I'm now trying to limit blog tour posts to maybe two a month. Not an easy thing to do, though, as I do enjoy seeing new books, and putting these posts together. The down side is that I don't get that many comments on them. Sometimes I get NO comments! So I might end up eliminating them altogether.

      You're very welcome for my sharing! Thanks for complimenting my blogs!! Thanks as well for such a thoughtful, lovely comment!! <3 :)

  3. You are amazing!!

    What a great, funny answer.

    Thanks for sharing and for coming by my blog.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

    1. Hi, Elizabeth!

      Awwww....THANK YOU!!! You're so sweet!!! <3 <3 <3

      I love to inject some humor into my answers, especially when I'm telling people how 'hopeless' I am about a bookish topic. Lol.

      You're very welcome for the sharing and the visit! And thanks to YOU for being so nice!!! Happy Hopping to you, as well!! <3 <3 :) :)

  4. Looks like we're the complete opposite! I am totally OCD about organisation and forward-planning.

    1. Hi, Nikki!

      It's so interesting that readers who are also book bloggers approach blogging in such completely different ways! I just can't see myself being organized about posting book reviews..... Maybe I should try to be, as that might bring me more readers. I say this because, in spite of all the followers you see in my GFC widget, I don't get that many comments on my posts. Maybe if I posted reviews more often I WOULD get more comments.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts!! Hope you're having a WONDERFUL Saturday!! <3 :)

  5. I am pretty much the same -- I go with the flow -- which ones have been sent for review, coupled with my own list of books, and whatever strikes my fancy. I read, write the review and voila, post. The only thing I am OCD about, is doing the books as close to their publish date as possible if publishers have been kind enough to send me a title. That's it.

    1. Hi, Verushka!

      I'm glad you agree! But I don't even accept books for review anymore, except for books I occasionally review through blog tours.

      It makes sense to review publishers' books as close to their release dates as possible. That way, people will be more interested in reading the reviews, as well as the books. Good idea!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! <3 :)

  6. That is totally understandable thank you so much for stopping by my blog hop.

    1. Hi, Katiria!

      So sorry for the late reply..... :( I had seen this comment. My apologies!

      I'm very glad you understand! And you're very welcome for my stop at your blog! Thanks for commenting back!! <3 :)


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