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Book Blogger Hop No. 60: Books as Gifts

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My Answer

Unfortunately, not very often. This is not because I don't want to, but because there are very few people in my life who love books as much as I do, sadly enough..... The one person I know will always appreciate receiving a book as a gift is my mother, but even then, not all the time. She does like other things, as well.

Throughout the years, I've noticed that people tend to give gifts that they themselves would like to receive. Therefore, I've received things like perfume, or earring and necklace sets, for either birthdays or on Christmas Day. Now, it's not that I don't appreciate such gifts, because I certainly do. But they don't drive me crazy with delight the way a book would. There's absolutely NO present in this world, for me, that could ever compare with a book! However, in the past, even when certain people have KNOWN how much I love to receive books as gifts, they've still given me things they thought "more appropriate", meaning, of course, "more appropriate for a female", which is totally ridiculous. Why would a book NOT be appropriate for a woman as a gift? This has sometimes happened to me when I've participated in "Secret Santa" events held in office jobs during the Christmas season.

I always try to find out what types of things a person would like to receive as a gift. I never assume that, because I love to receive books as gifts, other people will, too. Only another bookworm like me would really appreciate receiving a book as a gift. But even then, though, I do try to find out what type of books people enjoy reading. That will avoid the awkwardness of giving a murder mystery to someone who enjoys romance novels, for instance. Lol.

Of course, I do give books as prizes whenever I host giveaways. That's not quite the same thing, but it's still giving someone a free book, which I know they will treasure, especially when I host giveaways in which entrants get their choice of book.

I sometimes feel sad that I'm not surrounded by "book people".....but then, I have friends here on the blogosphere who share my love of books. It would be so nice if I could interact with you guys in person, but oh, least we can meet and discuss books here on the Web.

I'm looking forward to future giveaways here on my blog, so that you can all get a chance to win the book of your choice!     

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  1. Hey Maria,

    I also love it when I receive a book as a gift.

    As you point out, not everyone is as bookish as we are and this is not a universal want.

    You raise a good point about finding fellow bookish people through our blogs. It would be so difficult to meet so many people with this common interest in our everyday lives. Plus the nature of the Internet gives us 24 hour access to other people's ideas and a way to instantaneously interact with them.

    Not giving a book as a gift because someone is a woman seems so odd. I think it is an example of a stereotype that makes little sense that has gotten into our society.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hey, Brian!

      I think it's very important to give people gifts one knows they will really appreciate. Although we bookworms are PASSIONATE about books, not everyone is, so I would NEVER give someone a book, if that just wasn't their idea of a great gift. In fact, I would go out of my way to give them something that they would REALLY like, even if I hated it myself! That's the way it should be!

      On two separate occasions, at two different jobs separated by at least 10 years, the very SAME thing happened: I was given costume jewelry, as part of a "Secret Santa" gift exchange, instead of a book, even though both of the people who gave me these gifts KNEW how crazy I am about books. Both of them were women, too. And they BOTH told me that they felt the things they gave me were "more appropriate" for me! You know, I don't even REMEMBER where those gifts are today! I think I donated them to Goodwill at some point, or lost them, or something. I REALLY resented these women for a long time, too. I know they meant well, but heck, if you KNOW a particular gift will make someone VERY happy, then why not give it to them? If they didn't know what book to get me, then they could very well have given me a B&N or Amazon gift card!!

      I can't believe that two WOMEN actually thought that giving me a book would not be "appropriate". I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since neither of them was a feminist. But even so, I really don't understand WHY they thought giving me a book would not be fitting. I guess that, since they preferred to receive jewelry themselves, they thought it would be "more feminine" for me to receive the same thing that THEY liked. Needless to say, these two women were not readers.

      In contrast, at yet another job -- also separated from the other two by a few years -- I also made sure everyone knew that I wanted a book for the "Secret Santa" thing, and ESPECIALLY a science fiction book. Well, this time, the person who got my name was a man. Guess what? I GOT A SCIENCE FICTION BOOK. AND, it was a "Star Trek" novel!!!! Needless to say, I was ECSTATIC!!!

      I am so thankful for the Internet, as well as book blogging!!! If not for these two things, I would NEVER get a chance to discuss books with ANYONE. In fact, I've noticed that, again in past office jobs, people would kinda give me weird looks whenever I started to talk about books. Even in my part-time teaching job, I don't hear people discussing books that much. One teacher did give me her paperback copy of a Ken Follett novel the other day, though. She had finished reading it, and no longer wanted it. Of course, that made my day!! And there was no question here of this teacher -- another woman -- thinking that passing her book on to me was in any way "inappropriate for a female". But then, this woman is a reader, so she understands.

      I wonder if those two other women felt threatened in some way by my love of books..... And, at the risk of being judgmental, I would have to say that it seems that people who work at office jobs are not given to intellectual pursuits such as reading. Instead, they will discuss more shallow stuff, such as the great bargains they found at Macy's, or whether the Kardashians are involved in some sort of scandal. Really silly, INCONSEQUENTIAL stuff.

      Oh, well.... I guess this speaks volumes (pun intended, lol) about the cultural programming we women are subjected to. We are NOT expected to go for any type of intellectual or imaginative, innovative, activity. No, instead, we're taught, and EXPECTED, to simply uphold "the status quo". Well, I've ALWAYS rebelled against this!! That's why I've been a misfit for most of my life, too.....


      Thanks so much for the WONDERFUL comment!! Hope you have a great weekend, too!! :)

      There.....rant over!! Lol.

  2. I think the hardest thing about giving books as gifts, even to book-lovers, is figuring out exactly which book! When I give a gift, I want to do my best to suit it personally to the recipient, and with books there are so many different tastes. Unless I know a specific author or title, I tend to give the bookworms on my gift list a gift card so they can choose. :-)

    1. Hi, Kym!

      I'm glad you go out of your way to make sure the gift you're giving REALLY pleases the receiver! Not everyone is this perceptive and thoughtful, believe me.... (see my comment to Brian)

      Since there are so many different genres, for many different tastes, the best option is, indeed, to give a gift card, so the person can choose the book they want. Even if the book they pick is one YOU would totally dislike, heck, it makes THEM happy, and that's the whole point!

      I really wish everyone thought like you and me!! Lol.

      Thanks for the GREAT comment!! Hope you're having a WONDERFUL Saturday!! <3 :)

  3. My mom taught me that you should present someone with a gift that you would really like to have, and just like you - I always want books! I give books as presents quite often. Most of the time it is successful as well! There's a book out there for everyone.... Here's my Friday Meets:

    1. Hi, Mareli!

      Well, what your mom taught you is fine, if the person you're giving a gift to is a book lover like you. But I must respectfully disagree, in cases where the person who will be receiving the gift is definitely not as crazy about books as we bookworms are.

      There's definitely a book out there for everyone. Thank God we have genres for every taste!

      Thanks for the great comment!! Hope you're having a WONDERFUL Saturday!! <3 :)

  4. It's hard not to give everyone books as gifts because that's what I would want too! I don't give them very often unless someone specifically asks for one or I see something I know they would really love. I can definitely relate your answer! I'm very glad to have my bookish blogger friends!

    1. Hi, Katherine!

      Yes, that's the automatic thought of every book lover! Lol. Sadly, not everyone is ecstatic when receiving a book..... To us, a book is the ULTIMATE great gift! However, for those people who are totally indifferent to the allure of books, one must make sure to find out what would REALLY float their boat, and then give them that, even if one would never buy it for oneself.

      Yes, the book blogosphere is totally AWESOME!! It's like an oasis in a desert, for me!! Lol.

      Thanks for the great comment!! Hope you're having a WONDERFUL Saturday!! :)

  5. It does suck when people don't gift books because they think of something "more appropriate". I haven't experienced it due to a gender issue, but when my husband asks what I want for my birthday and I give him a list of books... he'll go and buy something else because he thinks "you buy books anyway!" *sob* :/

    I agree book blogger friends are great to have!

    1. Hi, Natalie!

      You put it VERY well -- it sure DOES suck!! I was so disappointed when it happened....and TWICE, mind you, at two different jobs, separated by about 10 years!! And the fact that both gift givers were women really puzzled me, too. At another office job, i made sure everyone participating in the "Secret Santa" gift exchange KNEW I wanted to receive a book, and a SCIENCE FICTION book, too. Well, that time, the person who got my name was a man, and guess what? I GOT THE FREAKING SF BOOK. Lol. AND it was a "Star TReK" novel, too!! Needless to say, I jumped up and down for joy when I opened the package!!

      What your husband does is EXACTLY what my mother's been doing for several years now. Even though she's a reader, she thinks that my love of books is out of control. Lol. So she's been giving me stuff like sweaters and socks for my birthday, and at Christmas! She thinks I should be "more practical" and not have my "head in the clouds" all the time..... Sheesh!!!

      I don't know WHAT I would without my book blogger friends!! The book blogosphere is like an oasis in a desert, since NO ONE around me is as crazy about books as I am!!

      Thanks for the great comment!! Hope you're having a WONDERFUL Saturday!! <3 :)

  6. You're right people do give gifts that they would like to receive. I think that can apply to the books they give to family member insists on giving me books she actually acknowledges I won't read because they are love stories but says it's because she loves them!

    1. Hi, Emma!

      I CAN'T STAND IT when people think they know "what's best" for me, or what's "more appropriate" for me!!!! WHY can't they take your word for it when you let them know EXACTLY what would make YOU happy to receive?! In my own experience, it seems that other women I've been acquainted with, and even been friends with, presumed to know better than ME what I would love to receive as a gift! It's been SO frustrating!!!

      WHY would this relative of yours continue to give you love stories, when she even admits herself that you won't be reading them?! I happen to enjoy reading love stories myself, but I wouldn't force them on you, since I know this is definitely NOT your type of read! Sheesh!!

      You know, the next time this relative insists on giving you a love story, just very sweetly tell her something like this: "Hey, it's so nice you're contributing to charity! That's very kind of you! Goodwill will be VERY happy with the donation!" I think making such a remark will put a stop to this "appropriate for you" gift giving. Lol.

      Thanks for the funny comment!! Hope you're having a GREAT weekend!! <3 :)

  7. It's always extra special when someone goes out of their way to get you a thoughtful gift they think you might like rather than just what they themselves might like, isn't it? I do try to think of the person I'm buying the gift for whenever giving a gift, although some people are certainly easier to buy for than others. I'm one of those people who likes giving and recieving gift cards so people can get something they actually want. Some people think gift cards are impersonal though--like my mom. And so I try not to give her gift cards too often.

    I think most people who would give me a gift are afraid to get me a book for one of two reasons. Either they figure I have plenty already or they are afraid to give me something I already have. Both of those are pretty fair assumptions. Although, I still love receiving books as gifts!

  8. Hi, Wendy!

    Yes, it's very important to make sure the person you're giving a gift to will truly enjoy it. But I only have this problem when giving a gift to someone I don't know well, like someone at work. Sure, I do talk to people at work, but sometimes you don't REALLY get to know what makes them tick. They might keep some personal information to themselves, so you might not find out the types of things they'd like to receive as gifts. In such cases, giving a gift card is always best.

    For family members, I know what would really make them happy, so I make sure I give them those things. One relative, for instance, LOVES scarves, so I make sure to get her the most beautiful ones I can find. One of my sisters plays the piano, so I know she'll appreciate a new piano score, or a CD of a piano concerto played by the latest terrific young pianist. It all depends!

    You know, I used to think that gift cards were impersonal, too. But I no longer think so! They're really a wonderful way to make sure someone will receive a gift they TRULY will want and enjoy! That way, it also saves them a trip to the store to return the gift! Lol.

    I think that, in the past, people have been afraid to give me a book for the same reasons you state in your comment. But again a gift card is a GREAT option! I go bananas whenever I receive a B&N gift card!!! Since that doesn't happen often, you know what I do? I GIVE MYSELF books!! Yes, this is why I'm such a compulsive book buyer! Lol. Since I don't usually get books given to me, I simply go out and buy them!!! :)

    Thanks for commenting back!! And I LOVED your comment!! Hope you and your family have an AWESOME week!! HUGS to you and Mouse!!! <3 :)


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