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Book Blogger Hop No. 57: Favorite Fictional Couple

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Who is your favorite fictional couple?

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My Answer

There are two couples who are tied for  First Place, actually. They come from two different time periods, too; one is from the 19th century, and the other from the 21st.

The 'first' couple are Edward Rochester and Jane Eyre, from the famous 19th-century classic, Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte. This novel is now due for another re-read! I love everything about it -- the passionate, intense romance between Rochester and Jane (this male character is usually called by his last name), the mysterious, Gothic atmosphere, Jane's fiery feminism and strong moral fiber, and the English country setting, which is just beautiful! And oh, how I LOVE Edward Rochester! Even though he's a flawed character, he's still a hero in my eyes because of his great love for Jane. Besides, he and Jane match wits so perfectly!

The 'second' couple (again, they're tied for First Place) are Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, from The Twilight Saga, by Stephenie Meyer.  Edward is the brooding, tortured vampire who is madly in love with an awkward, totally innocent human girl. The girl is Bella, and she's just as obsessed with Edward as he is with her. The story of Bella and Edward is a very tender, beautiful, passionate romance

Edward Cullen is obviously as imperfect as Edward Rochester is, but I love him as much as I do Rochester! 

Edward and Bella's story takes place mostly in Forks, Washington, with its incessant cloud cover, rain, and bright green forests. LOVE it!!

In short, I hold these five books as precious literary treasures that will never fail to give me that inner glow that every true romantic feels when reading a GREAT love story!  I have reviewed all of them on this blog. You can find these reviews on my Book Reviews page.

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  1. When I saw the title of your post I immediately thought of Jane Eyre and Rochester. I think that they would be my pick also.

    They are both monumental characters. There is something about how they ended up. Their union was in many ways a happy one. But in other ways it seemed to represent something very profound. The word "happy" seems wrong to describe it.

  2. Hey,Brian!

    Yes, these two are probably the overwhelming favorite for many readers, because of all the elements of their tumultuous relationship! They both have indomitable wills, as well as sparkling wits, and their love and passion for each other are so enthralling, as well as emotionally wrenching.

    In short, I can't think of any other couple -- except perhaps Romeo and Juliet, whom I didn't mention because of their tragic circumstances -- in the history of classic literature who have affected me as powerfully as these two have done!

    I know what you mean when you say that the word "happy" does not quite describe their relationship. However, at the very end of the novel, that's precisely the word that Jane uses to describe it. I would say that "spiritually fulfilling" is a more adequate phrase here.

    In the realm of popular literature, my favorite couple is Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. They, too, have a relationship that totally enthralls me! However, I do think that Jane and Rochester are more universally preferred. Be that as it may, I love both couples!!

    In short, these are books that I will NEVER hesitate to re-read in the future!!

    Thanks for the great comment!! :)

  3. Hi, Maria! I considered adding Jane and Edward to my list, but didn't in the end. While it's one of my all time favorite books, I am not a huge fan of Rochester, I'm afraid. Although for Jane, he's a good match. :-)

    1. Hi, Wendy!

      You know, I have read this novel twice, and, although I still love Rochester, I can see him much more clearly than I did during my first reading, which took place when I was 17. During my second reading, I was able to see his darker side. However, he's not without redeeming qualities. And yes, he's a great match for Jane, as they both have indomitable wills, and I love their very witty conversations! He's also Jane's equal in terms of passion. The sparks sure do fly!!

      Having said all this, I can see why you're not a huge fan of him. The way he deceived Jane was highly unethical. And that fake fortune-telling stunt was pretty weird! I wish Bronte hadn't included that in the novel.

      Anyway....I still love this novel, and consider it to be my FAVORITE classic of all time!!

      Thanks so much for commenting!! :)


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