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Book Blogger Hop No. 51: Original Memes That Have Lasted

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Have you ever started a meme
that became popular and
is still in existence?

(submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews)

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My Answer

This is a very interesting question! Also, it's one that I don't think has ever been asked before, either on the Book Blogger Hop, or on any other blog, to my knowledge. Kudos to Elizabeth!

I used to have a meme, and in fact, still do, but it's not what I would call popular. Nor was it originally mine, either.

Here's the story.....

There used to be a wonderful blog, named Five Alarm Book Reviews, which was created and run by a great blogger named Stephanie.  I loved visiting and commenting on this blog, and especially, participating in a blog hop/book meme titled "Shelf Candy Saturday", which was dedicated to showcasing beautiful book covers.  

One of the things I enjoyed the most about this meme was reading information about the very talented artists who had created the gorgeous covers Steph presented every week.  I also enjoyed visiting the participating blogs to admire the covers those bloggers had posted, and reading the information they had discovered about the cover artists.  Including such information in an SCS post was optional, however.  Some participants didn't include it, but simply wrote about why they loved the cover they had selected.

Unfortunately, this wonderful state of affairs was not to last... Steph decided to stop blogging.  Sadly, she not only did that, but also deleted her entire blog, and it's no longer to be found on the Internet, as far as I know.  She emailed me to let me know about her decision. She also asked me if I would be interested in taking over her meme.  Of course, I  immediately agreed, since I loved it so much!

This was the original meme logo.

When I took over the meme, I decided to continue with the idea of providing information about the artists who created the amazing covers I selected.  I invited hop participants to do the same, although I emphasized that it was purely optional.

At first, participation was not too bad.  Steph usually got seven, and sometimes nine or ten, blogs participating.  However, as time went on, the bloggers who had originally joined her blog hop and continued to participate when I took over, just disappeared.  I did get a couple of new ones, but in time, they, too, disappeared.  I bravely continued, however, because I love this meme.

This is my own logo, which I created myself.

Unfortunately, I didn't always publish my own "Shelf Candy Saturday" post by midnight every single Saturday.  If you happen to be a blog hop/meme host, this might not bode well for your blog hop/meme. After all,  participants need to link up to the hosting post through a Linky widget that's included in the post.  If the host's post is not up at the same scheduled time each week, the participants obviously won't be motivated to put up their own posts. 

Perhaps it was due to my irregular posting that I saw participants to this meme gradually dwindle, and then disappear altogether.   However, even when I did have my own post up by midnight, I didn't see anyone linking up.  I then visited a few of the blogs that were participating when Steph was the host, and commented on their posts, inviting them to come over and comment on my meme, as well as participate. Sadly, they neither linked up to my post, nor did they comment back.

So I came to a decision about this meme.  I continued to post it, because I simply couldn't give it up!  However, it was no longer a blog hop, since no one seemed to be interested in participating.  This, of course, was very disappointing to me. 

So I'm still posting this meme as my own book cover feature, with no Linky widget attached. I would certainly love it if I could get it going again, but I suppose Saturday is just not a very good day for these types of posts. Besides, there are many blogs with book cover memes.

Another reason people are probably not interested in participating is that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". A cover that I find stunning might not be liked by other people, and vice versa. This means that people might feel uncomfortable if they feel 'pressured' to like other people's covers, when they really don't. Of course, I can understand this.

I will continue to publish these posts on my own, though. To me, it's very important to do so, as I consider book covers to be THE most important initial factor drawing readers to books they've never heard of before. After the book cover, the synopsis is the factor that clinches the sale. But that first impact? It's the book cover. These artists should really get more recognition in the book world.

I sure would appreciate visits and comments to "Shelf Candy Saturday"! I greatly enjoy sharing my love of beautiful book covers with any and all who feel as I do! Just swing by every Saturday to check out my choice for the day, and let me know what you think!

Sample "Shelf Candy Saturday" Posts

Shelf Candy Saturday No. 170:

Shelf Candy Saturday No. 159:

     Here's a sample from when Steph was
    hosting this meme.

Shelf Candy Saturday No. 27:

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  1. I started posting some memes and eventually stopped when I couldn’t post them regularly, so now the only blog meme I post year-round is Waiting on Wednesday. Great post!! :)

    1. Hi, there!

      It's definitely a problem when a blogger who hosts their own meme doesn't post at the same time every single week. That's crucial to the success of the meme. However, in the case of this particular meme, it's not really unique, as there are book cover memes on other blogs. I just happened to 'inherit' this one, lol.

      I have altered the post, adding other reasons for the lack of participants for my meme. Ii sure don't want people to feel pressured to join in, but I do welcome visits and comments!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! :)

  2. I love Shelf Candy Saturday. It seems so unique. The concept is great and your particular posts are phenomenal.

    I wish that there was generally more information and discussion about book covers on the internet.

    I can see how it can be difficult to maintain interest in a meme with multiple participants. The pressure to get posts up on time seems like it would cause a lot of folks to fall off.

    1. Hi, Brian!

      Thanks so much for the compliment! This meme is truly a labor of love for me! As you know, I'm a very visual person, so of course book covers have a huge impact on me!

      I have seen book cover memes on other blogs, too. For instance,, Billy, the host of the Book Blogger Hop, has one himself. What makes mine unique, though, is the fact that I give information on the cover artists. But that concept, like the meme itself, must be credited to Stephanie, the blogger at Five Alarm Book Reviews. I just continued with it.

      I remember there was one participant, back when Steph was hosting, who even went so far as to interview book cover artists. Her blog was named "She Wolf Reads". I thought that was SO fascinating (the blog name, as well as her interviews)!! Eventually, though, this blogger, too, stopped linking up with the meme after I took over.

      As I stated in this post, Steph usually had from six to, at times, ten blogs regularly participating. So it seems that it was mostly my irregular posting that put people off.

      I have altered this post, dropping my invitation to others to join in. I certainly don't want people to feel pressured in any way. I do hope, though, that I get more visits and comments to this meme. You're basically the only blogger who comments on it on a regular basis, for which I heartily thank you!

      Thanks for always being such a supportive blogger friend, and contributing to post discussion with your interesting comments!! :)

  3. Shelf Candy Saturday sounds so fun! I'd love to participate but I normally participate in another meme on Saturdays so I wouldn't be reliable. I'll have to check it out though because I love pretty covers!

    1. Hi, Katherine!

      Yes, it IS a lot of fun! I SO used to love joining in every Saturday, back when Steph was hosting it! It was actually the highlight of my week. I am so sad that I haven't been able to continue this meme -- with a linkup attached. I still post on my own, though, so feel free to come by and take a look! :)

      I understand if you feel you can't participate, as you already do so, on another Saturday meme. Actually, I've changed this post, removing the invitation for people to join in. I don't want anyone to feel pressured in any way.

      Hope you can stop by tomorrow to see what cover I've posted!

      Thanks for the great comment!! :)

  4. That sounds like a great meme.

    I like the idea about giving information about the artist.

    Great idea!!

    GREAT answer as always.

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

    1. Hi, Elizabeth!

      I agree! I also think that the idea of giving information about the artist is a great one! Steph really came up with an excellent concept here! This is why I used to love participating in the meme when she was the host.

      I hope you're having a nice weekend, too!

      Thanks for your your compliments, as well as for commenting back!! Happy Hopping to you, as well!! :)


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