Saturday, November 7, 2015

Shelf Candy Saturday #164: Vex, by Addison Moore

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Here's my choice for this week!

(Celestra, Book 5)
Addison Moore
Kindle Edition, 412 pages
Addison Moore
Novmber 29, 2011
Paranormal Romance,Science Fiction,
Urban Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction

My Thoughts About This Cover

This is such a visually stunning cover! It's rather eerie and creepy, as well as mysterious, yet, so bold, so simple and effective.

This image reminds me of the "black light posters" that were popular during the 60s, when the hippie movement exploded all over the U.S. But I've seen this type of poster still being sold, along with the black lights and lava lamps, in novelty stores located in shopping malls. These are the types of stores that sell all kinds of off-the-wall items, too.

Like the black light posters, this image has a very weird, otherworldly iridescence. Large butterfly wings dominate the space, and are echoed within  the strange, heart-shaped image in the upper section of the cover. The butterly itself is barely visible in both images; the emphasis is completely on the wings, which, in the larger image, could double as large leaves.

Angels are featured in this novel, but I'm not sure what the butterfly wings have to do with that, unless they are the type of wings these particular angels possess. If so, that's very interesting, and even mysterious.

The borders of the heart-shaped image are very decorative, yet they seem to be made of smoke. They somehow look like lace, as well.

The one-word title is extremely effective, placed as it is squarely in the middle. I also love the font style. It's appropriately ornate, so it goes very well with this cover. 

Although I searched through the Amazon Preview Reader, the only thing I discovered was that the cover was designed by Gaffey Media. When I did a Google search, though, I could find no mention of such a company anywhere. So, unfortunately, I have no idea who the awesome talent is behind this very unusual, gorgeous cover. 


What do you think of this 
week's cover?
Would it entice you to buy
this book and read it?


  1. This cover is so striking.

    I think that creepy and erie are good words for this picture. I might add the sinister.

    The wigs enclosed in the heart look a little bit like malevolent face.

    One thing that is interesting to me is that butterflies are often associated with bright and positive imagery. Here it is being associated with something dark. This gives the cover a sense of the uncanny.

    I do not know all the details of the plot, put perhaps this relates to symbolism and imagery revolving around angels? There has been a lot of talk and writing over the last few years about how, in contrast to the friendly "Guardian Angel" imagery that is popular, many Angels in the Old Testament were frightening characters who often brought death and destruction.

    Great choice for a cover and superb commentary as usual.

  2. Hey, Brian!

    Yes, this cover definitely has a very sinister look. The color blue is not usually associated with such a mood, but here, it is.

    You're right about the wings enclosed in the heart -- they DO look like a malevolent face! I only just noticed that.

    You've also made a great point about butterflies usually being "associated with bright and positive imagery", while here, they are associated with something dark and sinister. This does give the cover an uncanny feeling. It also shows the creativity of the cover designer in reversing the usual symbolism of the butterfly.

    That's another interesting point about angels, and you're right -- many times angels in the Old Testament are frightening. In fact, in some cases, the first thing an angel said when appearing to a human was, "Be not afraid".

    Thanks for the compliment, as well as for the thought-provoking comment!! : )


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