Friday, November 27, 2015

Feature & Follow Friday #17: Black Friday Eve!

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This Girl Reads a Lot!!

Here is this week's question:

Black Friday Eve! You have $100 (or pounds or whatever your currency is) to spend on books. 
What are you going to buy?

Contributed by
Alison Can Read 

There are SO many  books I want to own and read!! I have to start somewhere, I guess, so obviously I will pick the books I've been wanting to read for the longest time now!! But.....I need to add some new ones, too.....

I would also want to spend my $100 on some essential bookworm supplies.....

Here are the books I would buy! Click on each cover to access the Goodreads page.

And now, here are some essential bookworm supplies! Click on each image to be taken to the Amazon page.

Each of the books above would probably average around $10.00 each, and, with the S/H ($3.99 from third-party sellers on Amazon), each would come to around $14.00. The total would be $98.00. The bookmarks are very cheap -- $.01 each pack. With the S/H ($3.99 each one), that would come to $8.00. Uh, oh.....I went over the $100.00!!  But heck, I'll just raid my piggy bank for a bit more!

Next Week's Question

If you could write a book, 
what genre would it be?

Contributed by
The Realm of Books

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  1. I like your choices! I would defenitely get ILLUMINAE! I have the ARC but I want the hardcover too!

    1. Hi, Alexandra!

      I'm glad you like my choices! I want "Illuminae" SO badly!!! And I'm like you -- even if I have an ARC of a book, I would still want the finished copy!

      Thanks for commenting!! : )

  2. Great list. Alienated is a great book!

    Old follower

    Kate @ The Little Blog of Geek

    1. Hi, Kate! Glad you like my list! I've been wanting to read "Alienated" for quite a while now!

      Thanks for the comment!! : )

  3. I bought Armada when Ernest Cline was in Austin at Book People in Austin this year. My friend is giving me grief because I still haven't read it. SO. MANY. BOOKS.

    1. Hi, Charlie!

      Yeah, I many books indeed!! This book's publication was highly anticipated, too, as it was delayed for a while. I sue hope I can get it soon, but tht's no guarantee I'll get to it as soon as I acquire

      Thanks for commenting!! : )

  4. Armada as well as Cline's other Book, Ready Player One look to be really good. They seem like must reads for those of us who grew up on science fiction books, folks and those of us who played a lot of video games when young. I really want to read them.

    I also really like the looks of those bookmarks.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Oh, I really need to familiarize myself with Cline, as I didn't know he had authored any other books. You're right that "Armada" is perfect for us SF buffs. I guess it's also perfect for those who played (and still play) video games. I really should make this book a priority!

      I'm glad you like the bookmarks, too! And you can get them from third-party sellers for as low as a penny! Then you pay for the S/H, and that's it. I try not to order directly from Amazon, because they charge $4.98 for S/H now. They used to charge $3.99, like the third-party sellers, but started charging more some time ago.

      Thanks for the nice comment!! : )


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