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Shelf Candy Saturday #150: Golden Daughter, by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

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Golden Daughter 
(Tales of Goldstone Wood, Book 7)
Trade Paperback, 584 pages
Rooglewood Press
November 10, 2014
Christian Fiction, Fantasy,
Young Adult Fiction

My Thoughts About This Cover

This is another absolutely glorious cover!  Of course, the color blue predominates, but there's also a very beautiful shade of pink -- hot pink. This is the only shade of the color I like. I don't like pale pink at all. This tone, though, is simply gorgeous, and combines very well with the blue.

As I stated in last week's post, I find circles immensely appealing, so it was to be expected that I would be attracted to this cover. Circles are perfect shapes, after all, so they carry a message of completion, of wholeness that strikes a chord with me. They are also, as Brian from Babbling Books pointed out in his comment to last week's post, frequently to be found in Oriental art. Thus, I was not surprised to find that the young woman on the cover is of Oriental descent. 

Although my favorite animal is the horse, I like the presence of the cat on this cover. Somehow, I find that this animal is a perfect addition to the image.

The young woman seems to be testing the water, which is a little rough, and could be a danger to her and the cat. I wonder, though, whether she's creating some sort of water magic, instead.

Getting back to the circle, could this be some sort of time portal, or entry to a supernatural world? It's interesting that the roiling clouds have the same shade of pink of the young woman's kimono.....are they somehow related to her? Only by actually reading the book would I be able to find out.....

I also love the font used for the title -- it's so graceful, yet understated, and forms a nice contrast with the author's name. I think the same font was used for both the title and the author's name, but the title is all in lower-case letters, while the author's name is all in caps. I find that this contrast adds to the cover's contrast and appeal.

The brilliant artist who created this masterful cover is Julia Popova. She is a photographer and digital artist from Russia, and lives in Novosibirsk. She's well versed in PhotoShop and other techniques, including watercolor. When I visited her website, I found her portfolio breathtaking!

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  1. This is a striking cover. I also like the contrast between pink and blue.

    I love cats. Oddly however I think that this particular image of a cat looks a little out of place. I think that I would l have liked it better had this cat looked a little more mysterious and wise. Cats ARE wise :)

    1. Hey, Brian!

      There's just something about circles, and circular shapes, that gets my attention right away! We both agree on that. Besides, the contrast between the pink and the blue is indeed very effective.

      I don't love cats myself, but I can appreciate their sinuous beauty and grace. And yes, they are indeed wise. You can even feel that. It's like they're.....I don't know....very profound creatures, in a way that dogs aren't. (Not much of a dog fan, either, although I enjoyed reading "Lassie" as a kid.)

      Horses are also supposed to be very wise, from what I've read about them. Sadly, I haven't had the privilege of being close to them in my life.....

      I know what you mean about the cat being 'out of place'. I think you get that idea because this cat just looks too ordinary. The cat should have been black. That would have given a greater sense of mystery to this cover. Black cats are the quintessence of mystery and hidden wisdom.....

      Thanks for the great comment!! : )

  2. I haven't heard of this book before, it's pretty much news to me. Although, I am fond of that cover now - it's very catchy & beautiful. The title does sound intriguing as well, makes me wonder what the story is about. Wonderful post Maria, thank you for sharing :) <3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

    1. Hi, Benish!!

      I discovered this book myself, when I went looking for beautiful covers. Now it's on my Goodreads TBR shelves! This book not only has a GORGEOUS cover, but the plot is also very intriguing. I hope I can get it soon!!

      Thanks so much for the great comment and nice compliment!! : ) <3


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