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Shelf Candy Saturday #149: Cybele's Secret, by Juliet Marillier

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Here's my choice for this week!

Cybele's Secret 
(Wildwood, Book 2)
Hardcover, 448 pages
Knopf Books for Young Readers
September 9, 2008
Fantasy, Historical Fiction, 
Young Adult Fiction

My Thoughts About This Cover

What an absolutely glorious cover! As I stated in last week's post, complex, detailed covers usually catch my attention, rather than more simply designed ones. The cover above is an example of the type of cover I usually prefer.

Lusciously detailed, meticulously executed, this cover makes me want to contemplate it all day! Its intricacies have this totally magical look that simply fascinates me! Everything about this image just draws me right in (pun intended), from the young woman's beautifully streaming hair, to her  gorgeous blue dress with the pink-flowered pattern, to the circular archway behind her (I love circles), to the flowers at her feet, the fairy floating at her left shoulder, the exquisite little fountain underneath  the fairy ....and, of course, that mysterious 'portrait' floating above Cybele's outstretched hands.

Yes, this is the type of cover I love to gush over! This is the type of cover I wish I could frame as a poster for my bedroom or living room. Needless to say, it's also the type of cover that makes me want to jump right into it, and stay there!

The one element of the total design I'm not entirely satisfied with is the font used for the title. While its stark simplicity doesn't distract the eye from the rest of the image, I would have preferred something more ornate, more magical and "fairy-like", in keeping with the overall theme.

The artist is one I have featured before; she did the equally luscious cover for the first book in this series, Wilwood Dancing. Yes, it's the inimitable Kinuko Craft! She's at the very top of my list of favorite illustrators, never failing to capture my attention with her stunning covers, making me want to own the books she has illustrated, like, right NOW!

One of these days I'm also going to own the book containing her drawings and paintings, available on Amazon! 

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  1. I also love this cover. I agree with all the reasons that you mention. I so do love the use of circles in art too. I really do not know much about this, but I would say that it conveys an Eastern or Asian feeling to it.

    Playing devils advocate, I think that some people might criticize this for being a little too over the top and busy. I am not bothered by that all, in fact I think such style has a very important place.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      You know, now that I think about it, this cover reminds me of the style of the Pre-Raphaelite school of art. Although some art critics poke fun at this style, I love it! These painters had the same meticulous attention to detail that Craft has. I think this school of art most likely influenced her own work.

      Yes, some people would criticize this type of cover as being "too busy", and the Pre-Raphaelits also got the same criticism. However, in the case of fantasy covers, I think all the detail serves to create that all-important magical feel. I'm glad you're not bothered by all the "busyness" at all!

      As for circles giving a suggestion of Eastern art, you're absolutely right. Mandalas are circular, and are used for meditation. Besides, Craft is Oriental herself. So you're definitely on to something!

      Thanks for another great comment!! : )


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