Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shelf Candy Saturday #131: The Curse Defiers by Denise Grover Swank

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Here's my choice for this week!

 The Curse Defiers
(Curse Keepers Series, #3)
Paperback, 382 pages
September 30, 2014
Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Young Adult Fiction

Why do I love this cover?

The color blue will always call out to me, so I can't help but love this cover! Actually, the color here is really aqua, which is a variation of blue. Aside from the color, though, it's the unusual elements in the design that make this cover so beautiful.

The main image is a standard one of a young woman looking out at the viewer. Her gaze is a very direct one, too. It's the burst of light behind her, as well as the strange splotches to her right (the viewer's left) that intrigue me, and make me pause to stare. Equally compelling is the mysterious landscape behind her.

Last but not least, the transparent band of darker aqua across the middle of the cover, within which the title is nestled, adds to the visual appeal. Somehow, it makes the cover really stand out!

The font used for the title is equally appealing; it's classically Roman, but has been altered to give it a somewhat medieval look. I like that the letter "t" in the title looks like a cross, and that the letter "u" in the word "curse" has also been altered to look slightly menacing. This is very much in keeping with the title.

The brilliant designer of this cover is Larry Rostant, whose work I have previously featured on "Shelf Candy Saturday". When  I looked up the artist in the Amazon reader, I was pleasantly surprised to see his name. Obviously, his work has an aesthetic quality that really connects with me!

Rostant is a photo illustrator who has beautifully decorated many book covers with his amazing work.
Based in the U.K., he is a photographer who uses digital techniques along with photos to create his unique images.

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  1. This one is a celebration of blue.

    It is interesting that Medieval fonts give the impression of the occult or even the satanic in the minds of many present day folks. I suppose this is the effect of movies and books that have emphasized this idea.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Oh, definitely! That's why I LOVE it!

      You're right about such fonts, as well as about movies and books that have emphasized this idea. The plot of this book has something to do with demons coming to Earth and killing people, and the book's heroes (including the girl on the cover) are involved in a huge battle for the survival of the human race. So the title font is definitely very appropriate.

      Thanks for the great comment!! : )


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