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Book Review: Amazing Grace, by Elizabeth Davies

Amazing Grace
(The Resurrection Trilogy #2)
Elizabeth Davies
Trade Paperback, 248 pages
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
July 16, 2014
Historical Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Science Fantasy
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Book Synopsis: This is the second novel in the Resurrection Trilogy.  As Grace's health deteriorates in her own world and she moves ever closer to her own death, she returns to the past where Roman is waiting for her, and she falls deeper in love with a man  whose sole purpose in life is his quest for blood.

In this second novel of what is a creative combination of genres, Grace and Roman, the two lovers, continue to deal with their unusual relationship. It's unusual not only because Roman is a vampire, and Grace, a human, but also because she flashes in and out of his life, which spans centuries, through an uncontrollable, mysterious process that takes her from the 21st century to his time period, whatever it might happen to be when she returns to him. 

The narrative focuses closely on  their relationship, although, when  Grace flashes back to her own time, it then shows the reader the interactions of Grace  and her family -- her parents and beloved brother Ianto. Speaking of him, I really enjoyed the way he acted toward Grace. It was very touching to see his concern for her, as well as her realization that he was no longer the little brother she had known in the past, but an adult in his own  right. 

Interesting characters are introduced in this second book. One of them is a female vampire, whom Roman calls "Lettuce". This turned out to be a humorous nickname for her; she was really named "Leticia". She and Grace immediately disliked each other, as Grace suspected that Roman had been having  a fling with this woman. He had already told her  that he couldn't be expected to remain alone during the years that Grace was lost to him. Whatever Roman says, I agree with Grace's dislike of Leticia; she's not a nice person at all.

Another interesting new character is Jeremiah, who is also a vampire; it later becomes apparent that he's Roman's nemesis. I took an instant dislike to him, too, especially when he showed no interest in saving Grace's life, at one point in the novel.

This book is as fascinating as the first, and Davies again creates suspense with her unique take on time travel. The contrasts between  the various time periods in the past, and the present, 21st-century reality, are amazing and shocking, too, as the reader is confronted with the fact that aspects of the modern world we take for granted simply did not exist in centuries past.

As in the first book, the relationship between Grace and Roman is fiercely romantic and passionate, although the sex scenes are a bit less graphic in this installment. I love the way Roman increasingly comes to accept this woman who is such an enigma to him. He cares deeply for her, in his own rough way, finally confessing his love for her toward the end of the novel. She, meanwhile, had already fallen head over heels in love with him, having long ago accepted him just as he is. 

Roman's character  is very realistically drawn; he is not quite a tortured hero, nor is he a monster. He seems to straddle the two types of vampire characterizations, and I liked that. This certainly keeps the novel from becoming  maudlin or melodramatic.

As in the first book, Grace is a very courageous young woman, as she deals with her impending demise, and then  with this strange time traveling she can't even control. She, too, is depicted in a very realistic manner. She finds Roman very attractive, not only  sexually, but as a personality, too; yet, her feelings for him are never described in such a way that would make the reader engage in eye-rolling.

With all the shifting back and forth in time, there is never a dull moment; Davies keeps the reader turning pages. As the narrative moves along, the author also manages to include some world-building, without inserting huge information dumps in the process.

Interestingly, Grace doesn't time-travel when she's away from her family's farm, which is located near the Welsh town of Brecon. Also, Roman is unable to connect with her at any other location, so, no matter where he travels, he keeps returning to Brecon, in hopes that Grace will appear.

Speaking of Brecon, it's wonderfully obvious, in this book as much as in the first, that the author loves the Welsh countryside, which is another aspect of these books that I find enchanting. The descriptions of the woods, the mountains, the various points of interest, are all lovely and vivid, thus making me yearn to visit this beautiful land!

In short, this novel is not only as entertaining as the first, but also just as fascinating! It is a beautiful paranormal love story that will draw readers in, keeping them enthralled  throughout. Davies writes in a simple, direct style that is also quite descriptive, and takes it for granted that her readers are sophisticated lovers of paranormal romance. Her characters, plot, setting and style, all make me so glad to own this very special vampire romance trilogy!

Needless to say, I am anxious to move on to the third and last book! I heartily recommend this series to any paranormal romance lover; you will definitely not be disappointed!



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