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Shelf Candy Saturday #130: Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte


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Here's my choice for this week!

 Jane Eyre
Hardcover, 448 pages
White's Books, Fine Edition
June 1, 2010
Classics, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, 
Mystery, Romance


Why do I love this cover?

Here's another striking abstract cover from White's Books, the publishing house created by David Pearson, whom I mentioned in my previous SCS post. The cover artist in this case is Petra Borner.

I happen to own this treasure, since I have a little pet project -- to collect as many beautiful covers of this, my favorite classic novel, as I possibly can!

The overall design of this cover is absolutely stunning, although I must admit that its ominous feel is not exactly pleasant for me. However, it's also very appropriate for this novel. The three main flowers in particular look somewhat threatening, and their thick thorns are very prominent. These flowers arch upward almost as if they were going to jump out of the cover, perhaps attacking the reader. 

The smaller flowers don't look threatening as much as gloomy, giving the viewer a feeling of foreboding, as though something terrible were looming on the horizon.

The swirling patterns in the upper background are a clue to the emotional turbulence contained within the pages of this novel. They are  rhythmic air currents, moving the flowers to and fro.

To sum up, I think that the bold, rhythmically flowing patterns of this cover are very effective visual metaphors for the events within. Ms. Borner has succeeded admirably in giving the potential reader some idea as to the emotions and events  of this classic! 

The Swedish-born artist Petra Borner is known for her bold, colorful, and very rhythmic designs, which are abstracted from nature, and could easily hang in an art gallery. Indeed, although she began her career as a fashion illustrator, having worked with such renowned fashion houses as Cacharel and Louis Vuitton, she came to realize that her real love was fine art, and thus, has had her work exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery and Claire de Rouen. She has also, of course, done book design for publishers such as Penguin Books and White's Books.

The influence of both Matisse and Picasso is evident in Borner's work, yet, she has also given her designs her own special, original twist.

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  1. Perfect choice to accompany our read along. I think that you should link this post to the widget.

    I think that gloominess of the cover in some ways fits the book. So does the bright flowers that seem to be rising out of the gloom.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Thanks for the GREAT idea!! I think I'll do just that!

      This cover's gloominess does indeed fit the novel's main themes. The bright flowers do seem to stand out from the gloom. Now that you mention this, I think they could be harbingers of hope. I think I need to insert this into the post.

      Thanks for the great comment!! : )


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