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Shelf Candy Saturday #128: Witchrise, by Victoria Lamb

Shelf Candy Saturday #128: Witchrise, by Victoria Lamb

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This week, I'm contrasting two different covers for the same book!

Paperback, 384 pages
Corgi Books
(Random House Children's Publishers UK)
July 31, 2014
Fantasy, Historical Fiction,
Paranormal Fiction, YA Fiction

Why do I love this cover?

This is the perfect cover for someone who loves both historical and paranormal fiction! It has the right combination of elements from each genre. 

There's the obvious historical reference in the young woman's gown, which is exquisitely detailed; the meticulously sewn patterns on her bodice are just gorgeous, as are the light, flowing sleeves.

The paranormal reference is equally obvious in the cover's background; the moon is gloriously full, and glowing with a ghostly light, while mysterious birds -- perhaps ravens -- wheel and soar before it. I get the feeling of a spooky October night. 

The one element I'm not quite happy with is the font used for the title. In my opinion, an Edwardian script should have been used. The one here looks a little too modern for the historic period the novel is set in. This small quibble doesn't take that much away from my enjoyment of this cover, though.

This is the cover for the UK edition of the book, which I much prefer to the US cover, shown below. The incredibly talented artist is Larry Rostant, who specializes in photographic illustration. 

Needless to say, when I acquire this novel, it will be the UK edition!

Links for Larry Rostant

The above is the cover of the US edition. While I do like the gorgeous treatment of the model's hair, and the photograph itself is lovely, this cover just doesn't appeal to me as much as the UK cover. It simply doesn't have the fascinating combination of historical and paranormal details present in the image created by Rostant. Also, I don't like the inclusion of the building below the young woman's head; it seems to have been put in almost as an  afterthought. It would have been much more effective to have put in a suitably mysterious background behind the profile. Also, with the inclusion of such a background, the profile could have been much smaller. 

In short, the UK cover makes me want to get the novel NOW! Unfortunately, the US cover -- not that much.

The cover artist is not identified,  which is just as well, since I will not be buying this edition, which will be released on September 30th by Harlequin Teen.

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi, Missie! Well, I do prefer the first one. Thanks for commenting!! : )

  2. I have to agree, the UK cover is much prettier in my opinion!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

    1. Hi, Teresa!

      So glad you agree! Yes, definitely the UK cover is much prettier! I can't wait to get this edition of the book!!

      Thanks for commenting!! : )

  3. I do like both covers but I do like the UK one better.

    Interesting that I would have likely used more old fashioned words to describe the same contrast that you described :) But I believe that we mean the same thing.

    I would have said that the elegant or even romantic aspects of the picture contrasts with the macabre elements.

    As for the US cover I do like how the ominous structure at the bottom contrasts with the brightness and elegance of the top of the picture.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      Oh, I overwhelmingly love the first cover!! I LOVE that dress!! I also love the full moon, which reminds me of the full moon in my blog header and button. Lol. And, of course, there's all that BLUE!!

      But I agree with you that the building at the bottom of the second cover does contrast "...with the brightness and elegance of the top of the picture." However, I think these two disparate images could have been better integrated.

      Thanks for another GREAT comment, as usual!! : )

  4. I absolutely agree. This cover is stunning, and I hate to admit it, but I would probably buy this book from the cover alone! Nice choice (:

    1. The first one is definitely better than the second.. the second cover looks sort of cheesy!

    2. Hi, Morrighan!

      I am SO tempted to buy this book now, just because of that UK cover!! I have to cut down on book buying, But I'm just like you regarding covers!

      It's great that we agree about the first cover! Your comment about the second one is so funny!! Yes, the second one does look kinda cheesy. Lol. it's just not well designed. The head and the building are totally unrelated. It looks like the cover was just slapped together without much thought.

      Thanks for visiting and leaving such interesting comments!! : )


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