Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shelf Candy Saturday #110: Sacrifices, by Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edghill

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Here's my choice for this week!!

Hardcover, 304 pages
Tor Teen
(Tom Doherty Associates, LLC)
April 2, 2013
Fantasy, Mystery, Mythology,
Young Adult Fiction

Why do I love this cover?

I first saw this cover when I was preparing my "Waiting On Wednesday" post this week.  Well, it definitely caught my eye, so I knew I had to feature it for my next "Shelf Candy Saturday" post!

The first two things that attracted my attention were the metallic sky blue of the dress worn by the model on the left, and the flaming red hair of the model on the right.  

After noticing these two most prominent details, I took in the rest of the picture, and felt even more drawn to it because of its mystical, magical atmosphere; the swirling, glowing mists enveloping the two girls, as well as the one point of light above the mysterious doorway behind them, all contribute to this fairy-like atmosphere.

Interestingly, the girls are dressed as if they were going to a party.  The redheaded girl looks especially elegant.  However, the way they're standing, in front of this mysterious doorway suggests they're really guardians of the doorway.  This becomes even more apparent because of the way they're both staring out at the viewer.  They're wary, vigilant.  The blonde girl's stance shows that she's ready for action, despite her nice dress.  She seems to be wearing some sort of strange shawl or covering around her neck and shoulders.  I wonder if it's some sort of magical protection.

The font used for the title is very dramatic.  This impression is heightened by the gradual orange shading of the letters.  

This cover certainly creates a very powerful impact, with its contrast between detailed realism and mystical atmosphere.  It's a true masterpiece!  

Unfortunately, here's another case of an uncredited artist.....  Although I checked the credits page of this book in the Amazon reader, I was unable to find the name of the artist who created this brilliant cover.  Perhaps this information is to be found on the back cover, but, since I don't yet own this book, I obviously can't check that out. 

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  1. Another great cover for all the reasons that you mention.

    One observation that I have about it, may just me, it may not be inherent in the work.

    This may be entirely the result of their hair styles and color. I see an interesting contrast between the two women. The blonde gives me the impression of a conservative and serious nature. The redhead exudes a bit of edgy rebellion.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      I'm glad you like this cover!

      That's an interesting observation about the two women. I hadn't thought of that! But you're right -- now that I look at them again, the blonde does have a more conservative look about her, while the redhead does look 'edgier'. I wonder how this plays out in the plot. Maybe the blonde is the main defender of the doorway, and the redhead is the backup or sidekick, with deadlier strategy up her sleeve? This sort of speculation makes me even more eager to get to this book! However, I do have to start with the first one in the series. Lol.

      Great comment, as usual!! Thanks!! : )


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