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Shelf Candy Saturday #108: Erasing: Shadows, by K.D. Rose

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Here's my choice for this week!!

Erasing Shadows
Trade Paperback, 166 pages
Breathless Press
January 8, 2014
New Adult Fiction, Paranormal Romance, 
Urban Fantasy

Why do I love this cover?

This is an absolutely ethereal, mystical cover!  The young woman, whom I assume is the book's protagonist, is looking down at the viewer from above, her hair streaming dreamily around her, forming a halo of sorts.  I love the transparent scroll work superimposed on her hair.  Her expression is somewhat dreamlike, as well, even though she's staring directly at the viewer.  

As a woman, I can't help noticing her gorgeous eye makeup.  Also, I find that she strongly resembles Dakota Fanning in her role as Jane in the film, New Moon, which is the second one in The Twilight Saga.  Just take a look at the picture below!

Dakota Fanning as Jane

I love the way the top of the dress seems to be a part of this whole otherworldly atmosphere.  It really doesn't look like a dress, but instead, like a sort of radiant moon, rising above the tangle of tree branches at the bottom of the cover.  However, it does have a very beautiful, puckered edge, so it can still be perceived as a dress.  

The lovely transparent scroll work is also present playing around the girl's bare shoulders, and overlapping the dress.  Then it fade off into the tree branches.

The overall atmosphere of this cover is deeply peaceful, and yet, it contains quite a strong hint of hidden menace, as well.

The stark, simple font is perfect for this cover, too, as its simplicity does not get in the way of this beautiful image at all!

I'm very happy to be able to provide information about the highly-talented cover artist, in this particular case!  She's the awesome Fiona Jayde, digital artist, who can accomplish the seemingly impossible with her computer skills!  

Fiona Jayde Online Links


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  1. Replies
    1. Hi, Missie!

      Yes, it is!! Glad you like it! I can't wait to get this book!!!!! Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! : )

  2. I must admit that as a man, who has to some degree , romantic and chivalrous tendencies, I find such a cover depicting such an elegant lady very pleasant.

    She really does look remarkably like Dakota Fanning.

    1. Hi, Brian!

      Oh, what a nice comment! Yes, she's very elegant, indeed! In fact the entire image exudes refinement and elegance.

      I think that maybe her eye makeup is what reminded me of Dadota Fanning. However, the model's features are also similar to Dakota's.

      Thanks for the great comment!! : )

  3. Maria! You have such a great eye! She really does resemble Dakota as Jane. The cover is gorgeous -- thank you so much for sharing it and for your awesome thoughts. Happy reading, my friend <3


    1. Hi, Michele!

      Oh, thank you!! You're so sweet! Yes, she does resemble Dakota, doesn't she?

      You're very welcome for the sharing! Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment!! Happy reading to you, as well!! <3 : )


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