Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Waiting On Wednesday #97: Now and For Never, by Lesley Livingston

This is a weekly event hosted by
It showcases future releases which
we book bloggers
are eagerly anticipating!!

Here's my choice for this week!

 Now and For Never 
(Never #3)
Trade Paperback, 312 pages
Razorbill Canada
May 22, 2014
Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, 
Science Fiction, Young Adult Fiction

Book Synopsis

Past and present collide on the high seas when Clare and Allie hurtle back in time once more in a perilous attempt to retrieve Marcus Donatus—Allie’s blast-from-the-past crush—and put an end, once and for all, to the Time Monkey Shenanigans. But when Clare and Allie unexpectedly find themselves temporal stowaways on a Roman warship full of looted Celtic gold, sailing straight for the heart of a magic-fuelled maelstrom, there’s not much they can do but hang on for the ride—and hope Milo can tap into the Druid lore trapped in his genius brain to help bring them home, before it’s too late. The only thing that’s going to save Clarinet Reid and Allie McAllister now is if they join forces with old enemies, new loves … and unexpected friends.

Why am I waiting on this book?

I have discovered yet another great 
series I want to read!!
I just love this synopsis!!
Magic and time travel and romance
and adventure and.....oh, my!
Yes, all these things are very definitely
my cup of tea, and I know I'll fall
right into these books 
without missing a beat, as well as
without missing reality at all.
Besides, these covers are beyond...
'Nuff said!!  

Previous Volumes In The Series

What do you think of my
choice this week?
What wonderful, fantastical,
book(s) are you waiting
on this Wednesday?


  1. The covers are beautiful, and the books sound good to which means more books for my ever growing TBR!
    Thanks For Sharing!

    1. Hi, there!

      Yes, I LOVE these covers!! And the plots are terrific! My TBR is growing, too!! Lol.

      You're very welcome for the share! Thanks for commenting!! : )

  2. I've never heard of this but I love the Title and the cover is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Here's my pick this week

    1. Hi, Monique!

      Oh, those titles are great! And, of course, the cover is definitely gorgeous! I find the plot so fascinating..... The two previous books also have luscious covers and fascinating plots.

      You're very welcome for the share! I'll go take a look at your own WOW. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! : )

  3. What a great cover! The plot sounds pretty great too :) Happy reading.

    My WOW:

    1. Hi, Olena!

      Yes, isn't it? And the plot is definitely great!

      I'll go check out your WOW. Happy reading to you, too, and thanks for commenting!! : )


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