Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Waiting On Wednesday #95: Catalyst, by S.J. Kincaid

This is a weekly event hosted by
It showcases future releases which
we book bloggers
are eagerly anticipating!!

Here's my choice for this week!

(Insignia, #3)
Hardcover, 432 pages
Katherine Tegen Books
October 28, 2014
Dystopian Fiction, Science Fiction,
Young Adult Fiction

Book Synopsis

The explosive conclusion to the series reviewers have likened to Ender’s Game and “Hogwarts-in-Space”.
This exhilarating, explosive, and heartrending conclusion to the Insignia trilogy brings Tom and his intelligent, passionate, and brave young friends stunning tests and dangerous confrontations and through to an impossible future they could never have predicted.

Tom Raines and his friends are eager to return to the Pentagonal Spire to continue training for the elite Intrasolar Forces, but they soon discover troubling changes: strict new regulations and the revelation that the Spire is under new military control. What begins as an irritating adjustment soon reveals a dangerous shift in reality. Those now in control are aligned with corporate sponsors and their ruthless agendas. And when the military academy begins welcoming new cadets with suspicious neural processors, the first step in a plan with horrifying worldwide ramifications, Tom is desperate to stop it, even if that means keeping secrets from his closest allies.

Then a mysterious figure, the other ghost in the machine, begins fighting against the corporations, but with methods even Tom finds shocking. And when the enemy comes for Tom, how much can Tom endure in the battle to save himself? He must decide if he can still fight when the odds of success seem to be sliding from his grip.

Previous Volumes

Why am I waiting on this book?

I've just discovered this series, and I 
already love it!!
It's an exciting, dystopian tale
which also involves a
coming-of-age story, together with
a look at the far-reaching effects
of technology in human life.
And it also has a bit of romance...
And those covers!
They're mind-blowing!!
I think this book, as well as the whole series, 
will be a great way to escape my 
sometimes dull and boring reality....

What do you think 
of my choice?
What exciting book(s) are you 
waiting on this week?


  1. The covers for this series are very nice indeed. I hope you like the third book when it comes out.

    Books of Love

    1. Hey, Grace!

      I absolutely ADORE these covers!! They are extremely unique and unusual! And, of course, I LOVE the synopses of these books!!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! I'll go check out your WOW, if you have one!! : )

  2. I have #1 and # 2 here to read. I have read half of Insignia. I need to get back to them. Love the cover!

    1. Hi, there!

      Yeah, these covers are absolutely GORGEOUS!!

      So you're read half of "Insignia"? It's really good, I hope. Well, these books are supposed to be bestellers. I can't wait to add all three to my collection!

      Thanks for the visit and the comment!! : )

  3. How did I not know that the cover had been revealed for this book!? I have loved this series since about a week after the first one came out and can not wait to see how it ends! Great pick!

    1. Hey, there!

      I ran across this cover on Goodreads, purely by accident! And I had never heard of this series before, by the way. But when I saw this cover, I knew I had to investigate! So then I read the book synopsis, and was totally hooked!! Now all three books are on my Goodreads shelves, as well as on my Amazon SF wish list. (I have several wish lists, lol.)

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! : )

  4. Awesome pick! I've heard great things about the first book so maybe I should start it soon. Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Wednesday!

    My WoW

    1. Hi, Shane!

      I'm glad you love my pick! I had never heard of these books before, until I came across the cover of "Catalyst" on Goodreads, read the synopsis, and was immediately hooked. Now I NEED to get these books!

      You're very welcome for the sharing! I'll go check out your WOW. Thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )

  5. I didn't know there's a cover for the third book already! And this series is so awesome... can't wait to read Catalyst! Great pick :)

    Check out my WoW picks for this week!

    1. Hey, Kai!

      Yes, I found it on Goodreads. This series was entirely new to me, but I soon found out that these books are bestsellers.

      Glad you liked my pick1 I can't wait to read it, either -- after I read the first two, of course. Lol.

      I'll go check out your WOW. Thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )

  6. I've heard of this series, but haven't gotten around to starting on it. I gather it's good though, so I'll keep it in mind.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Here's my WOW.

    1. Hi, Vanya!

      Yes, this series is supposed to be REALLY good! I've just discovered it myself.

      You're very welcome for the share! I'll go visit your WOW. Thanks for dropping by and commenting!! : )

  7. YES! We're waiting on CATALYST as well! Tom is so hilarious and we can't wait to see what happens!

    1. Hi, Sash and Em!

      Oh, that's GREAT!! I've gotten quite a few comments already, so I see that I really picked a terrific book this time around! This series is a very recent discovery for me, though. Now I NEED to get these books!

      I'll go visit your WOW anyway! Thanks for coming by and commenting!! : )

  8. I've never heard of these, but they look/sound awesome. I'll have to check them out. Nice pick! :)

    My WoW

    1. Hi, Tansie!

      Yeah, they look FABULOUS, don't they? They were new to me, too! I saw "Catalyst" first, on Goodreads, read the synopsis, and then looked up the other two books. Now all of them are on my GR shelves, as well as on my Amazon SF wish list!

      I'll go take a look at your WOW. Thanks for zipping by and commenting!! : )

  9. Nice pick! This was new to me.
    Here is mine:
    New GFC follower =)

    1. Hey, Sandra!

      Glad you like my pick! This book, and the series, were new to me as well. I discovered them on Goodreads.

      I'll go check out your pick. Thanks for the comment and the follow!! : )


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