Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stacking The Shelves #20: Evensong, Slightly Dangerous, Jane Eyre, City of Lost Souls, Shadowborn, Wrecked, The Asteroid Wars

This is a weekly event hosted by Jennifer, Lili,
Stephanie, Helen, and Tynga @ Tynga's Reviews!
(I have decided to start participating
every other week, though, because of
time constraints.)

As the title implies, this is all about
sharing the books you're adding
to your shelves, be they physical or virtual.
For the complete rules, and to sign up,
just click on the link above.

This week's haul!! 

Books Purchased

I've heard of this author before, but never
read one of her books.
Then I came across this one on Ebay,
and fell in love with the plot,
because the central character is 
a female Episcopalian priest.
Although some Christian denominations
do not allow women to be either
priests or pastors, I totally disagree! 


Every Balogh novel is a pure delight,
and I know this one will be, too!
I love the idea of a jaded aristocrat
being taught about true love and passion
by a woman he had meant to seduce,
with no strings attached....

This immortal masterpiece needs
no introduction!
It's my very favorite classic, too,
so I have several editions of it.
This is the latest addition to my collection!!

I think I own most of the books in
The Mortal Instruments series,
but I haven't read it yet.....
There are so many books I need to read!!
Hopefully, I'll be able to start this
particular series soon!
I want to at least get to the first book
before I see the movie.....

I recently discovered this exciting series
on the Barnes & Noble website!
(It's also available on Amazon.)
This is a fantasy set in the British
Regency period.
I've never heard of such a combination.
It should prove fascinating!!

This looks like a very compelling novel,
and the cover is awesome!
Besides, I love the aura of mystery
surrounding this romance,
involving a boy the heroine meets
through her midnight swims...

This is an omnibus edition of
three Ben Bova novels:
The Precipice (2001), The Rock Rats (2002),
and The Silent War (2004).
I haven't read any science fiction for a while,
and Bova is supposed to be great!

What do you think of my
haul this week?
What fascinating books
have you stacked on your shelves?


  1. Yay, you've got Shadowborn, Maria! I really enjoyed Darkborn, so this book is on my wishlist as well. I hope you have fun with each one of these beautiful reads!

    1. Hi, Kara!

      Yeah, I saw "Shadowborn" on the Barnes & Noble website, at a bargain price! So I bought it. The only negative thing is that the book has a remainder mark, and I that those.... I should have known! Oh,'s in great shape otherwise. Now I'm going to get the other two books in the series!

      I know I'll enjoy each and every one of these books! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting!! : )

  2. The fairly "late" publication dates of the Ben Bova novels made me Google him. I am happy to see that he is still writing. I read some of the books that he wrote back in the 1970s and 1980 some tome ago.. I really like him.

    I also really like the cover art.

    1. Hey, Brian!

      I've been hearing about Bova for quite a while now, but have yet to read any of his books. I know he's one of the classic SF writers, so I definitely want to read his work.

      I agree on the cover art -- it's GREAT, although not exactly one of my faves.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )

  3. Nice haul. Happy reading :)

    new follower

    1. Hi, Shane!

      I'm glad you like it! Thanks for visiting, commenting and following!! : )!!

  4. Hahaha. You are such a hoarder. TMI as well The Infernal Devices are both wonderful series. You should read it soon. August 20ish is already fast approaching. :D

    Thoughts and Pens

    1. Hi, Charlotte!

      Oh, you caught on right away, huh? Lol. I am indeed a hoarder!

      Yes, both series are wonderful, I know. And the movie's coming out on August 20th?! Yikes!! I don't have much time! OMG....

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )

  5. I read City of Bones not that long ago, and I'm dying to read (and hoard) the rest of the series lol. I hope you enjoy your haul!

    My STS.

    1. Hi, Jillyn!

      I really have to do something about reading "City of Bones" soon....or else I won't be able to see the movie when it opens, because I hate to see the movie before reading the book! And I definitely will enjoy my haul!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )

  6. Interesting haul of books. City of Bones is the only one in your haul that I recognize. Come visit me as well.
    Books of Love

    1. Hi, Grace!

      Yeah, I'm a very eclectic reader! But you must know "Jane Eyre"! If you haven't read it, you MUST. It's a great classic!

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!! : )

    2. I really want to read the first book in the Mortal Instrument series before the movie, too, but I just can't seem to get to it. I like that cover for Jane Eyre! I don't think I've ever seen that one before. Great haul!

    3. Hey, Natalie!

      Yeah, I sure know the feeling! I can't seem to get to it, either....

      I'm so glad you like this cover for "Jane Eyre"! I found the book on Ebay, but it's also available at Barnes & Noble.

      Glad you like my haul, as well! Thanks for visiting and commenting back!! : )

  7. I've had Wrecked for what seems like a long time, and I've never read it! I hope you enjoy all of your books!

    Here's my Stacking the Shelves

    1. Hey, Marianne!

      This book sure has a GREAT cover, right? Hope you get to read it soon! I don't know when I'll able to read mine, though...I have SO many books on my TBR list....

      Thanks for the visit and the comment!! : )


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